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  1. Awesome! Maybe I should hook up my HD4xxx (can't remember the exact model) and try with it...
  2. Deltac0

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    I'm planning on trying to install ML again... My other HDD died, there went all of my Hackintosh stuff... Remember to backup!
  3. Deltac0

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    Does the graphics work without glitches?
  4. Anyone know yet how to fix the graphics with ATI? Or should I just swap my GPU to older one which could work?
  5. Deltac0

    Virtualbox / ML 10.8.3 / K10

    It works with the emulator? Nice! PS: Check the last picture Windows clock time
  6. Hi again! I've been pretty damn inactive on the last few months, sorry for that! I've been busy with school and other things, we invented a cool rev-limiter with my friend for motorcycles, but enough of that... I'd like to know if you got any new ideas or have progressed with the issues. Any news about ATI / NVidia glitches, QE/CI, Bulldozers, etc. ? If someone told me the news, I'd be glad.
  7. Clover and Chameleon are the most common.
  8. Change SATA port on your motherboard.
  9. You must use AHCI mode in your BIOS. Are you sure you set everything to AHCI? With some motherboards you can make your 1 - 3 AHCI and 4 - 6 IDE, for example.
  10. AnV made a new decrypter kext: AppleDecrypt.kext... I'm not sure if Spakk meant this, but you could try. I think it's somewhere in this thread.
  11. Yes, just somehow put the kernel to the root of ML HDD. You can use Linux Live CD or something, MacDrive should be okay too. And when booting, specify the kernel's name as first boot flag like this: amd_kernel -v npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=0 It can also be "legacy_kernel" or something else, just use the right name.
  12. Deltac0

    Database of Current Working AMD Kernels

    Good idea! "Working AMD kernels" or something.
  13. So you tried to ran the ML on a "real" machine? VMWare emulates devices etc, so the APU can actually cause the restart. Virtualization is totally different from running a live machine.
  14. - May I correct you... APU = AMD's CPU + GPU combination, just like Intel's i5 and i7. I think APUs are meant for laptops and cheap desktops, not for power-users.