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Mr tek

Video issues

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Not to ask stupid newbie questions.


I have been working for months, following every link I could discover, and I finally have a functioning hack. With one issue I just can't overcome.


After much fighting with video, I finally bought an evga 1b gt 210. Works out of box in snow, full acceleration, but It will not recognize the attached monitor, no matyter what I do.


I got one install where I had both acceleration, and acceleration, but it was unstable and I hae been unable to reproduce that feat.


I have found links to evga drivers and a zip file of evga efi strings, but the links are all dead. Get a flie no longer posted message in french. (if I can make sense that is what it seems to say.)


I have a Dell 9200 (matches the xps 410.

Evga 1gb GT 210

Intel Core 2 duo

p965 and ich8 chipset.

Hazard 10.6.0 upgraded to 10.7.6 using the Iakos 10.6.7 upgrade.


After more than a year the first time I gave up searching and am asking for help.


Patched SMBios to fake a Mac Pro 4 including the SM system version.


Only other hacks are the Elliot rtc kext, and the IOATA family Kext, and the voodoo kext for the on board audio.


System seems rock stable finally, now I just want better than 1024 x 768.


Graphics Enabler Yes, No, no help

Snow NV enabler no help

EVoenabler no help.

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      i have ended up getting high sierra installed on my intel DQ670w board. i used a premade high sierra/clover dmg i extracted to a usb flash drive. right now the audio, networking arnt working and the video card i have in the machine an nvidia geforce 1050 gtx ti it works but has very very very choppy/jittery video. i did find some kext files for the network and audio but when i put them in the extensions folder they didnt do anything to add audio or networking. also i have to get the machine to boot from the hard drive rather then having to boot the usb flash drive to get the hard drive to boot and i have to work on the video card stuff as well. i am not to good at this stuff cause usually when i have tried stuff i end up breaking stuff or that stuff doesnt work. i am not all that code or certain tech savy. i am not the brightest. i like things laid out where its all like this is the files and where you get them from this is how u work with them kind of thing. it does agravate me when people just wont lay out stuff as like a dummy book does and makes everything easy. i tried on facebook groups and got as far as to be told what kexts to find but never told where to find them. i did try to look on my own and i did find a few kexts but they where ones that needed alterations to the os to even make them usable. the video kext or driver i was told to install it and do something like change something to true. all i need are the kext files and to make the machine boot from the hard drive rather then complaining it doesnt have an os on the drive or having to use the usb flash drive to make it boot and the video files and to know how to deal with the files and make them work without having to start over with everything and reinstalling stuff
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    • By bluemaP1E
      I`m using a haswell CPU on z87 motherboard with a GTX1060.(hd4600 deact.)
      SMBIOS iMac14,2 Mac-27ADBB7B4CEE8E61
      10.13 (17A405) with web driver 378.
      My English is not very good, After I read these links I'm still very confused.
      Seems like shiki.kext should be use after hardware video decoding works?
      But in the nvidiagraphicsfixup faq it says:To get hardware video decoding you are likely to need shiki.
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      when i running ioreg | grep IMEI and ioreg -l | grep platform-id there is no output.
      What kext do I need?(nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext imac.kext shiki.kext ...)
      It is necessary to enable the builtin Intel GPU hd4600?
      I will appreciate for your reply.