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  1. Video issues

    Not to ask stupid newbie questions. I have been working for months, following every link I could discover, and I finally have a functioning hack. With one issue I just can't overcome. After much fighting with video, I finally bought an evga 1b gt 210. Works out of box in snow, full acceleration, but It will not recognize the attached monitor, no matyter what I do. I got one install where I had both acceleration, and acceleration, but it was unstable and I hae been unable to reproduce that feat. I have found links to evga drivers and a zip file of evga efi strings, but the links are all dead. Get a flie no longer posted message in french. (if I can make sense that is what it seems to say.) I have a Dell 9200 (matches the xps 410. Evga 1gb GT 210 Intel Core 2 duo p965 and ich8 chipset. Hazard 10.6.0 upgraded to 10.7.6 using the Iakos 10.6.7 upgrade. After more than a year the first time I gave up searching and am asking for help. Patched SMBios to fake a Mac Pro 4 including the SM system version. Only other hacks are the Elliot rtc kext, and the IOATA family Kext, and the voodoo kext for the on board audio. System seems rock stable finally, now I just want better than 1024 x 768. Graphics Enabler Yes, No, no help Snow NV enabler no help EVoenabler no help.