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DSDT for probook 4530s fan speed

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Hi to all!

I have a probook 4530s running Lion 10.7.3. The only issue that i have is that my fan is always on.

What i've tried:

Disabling "Fan Always On AC Power"

Updated to latest Bios F.20


My fan always spins at lower RPM even if computer is idle (all user processes off). From what i understood the fan will stop if it stays 35C for about 3 minutes, but mine never drops 38C. I see many users with this issue, only one person has his CPU to 28C, but has no ideea why it drops so low. I tried contacting HP support but the gave me no answear. I think the only way to resolve this issue is by modifying DSDT to modify 35C to 50C or higher. I didn't manage to find where to modify fan speed or thermal zone in my DSDT. Maybe one of you can point me in the right direction. I will attach my DSDT for you to have a look.


Thank You All!

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