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I deleted all of the gefore, Nvidia, and ati files from my extensions folder. But I still randomly crash with please reboot. What else shoudl I remove? I read somewhere that I need to be at 1024 768 34hz but, I can't change that setting or the resolution. I am also to have no hardware acceleration. How do I change that? I also had a mouse lockup on the screen saver settings.

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How do your force quit ctudd on a pc keyboard?


Here is most of the usable info in a dump I got when I was in system profiler. This also happens at other times. I will record those if there different:


panic(cpu0 caller 0xC0180e8e): unexpected Kernel trap, registers

eax 0x1c1474740 -1052293312

ecx more numbers there are several below









Debugger calles=d: <panic> Frame 0xc7033e10:PC more numbers ppanic+

eithernet mac address all zerios most liekly because my card is not supported but why does it show in sys profiler?

Also below in the bottoimiom part is this and other things liek it com,.apple.driver.AppleUSBHUB+ more numbers

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Its been said that OS X is extremely picky with hardware. Even if you have a USB controller that IS supported, it may still cause problems.


I don't seem to have any USB-related problems on my setup though. I can't get my printer working (its detected but even running the Printer Setup Utility in Rosetta, it still won't load the driver for my 6200 Series Lexmark) but it detects my Creative MuVo and lets me read and write to it, etc.


Maybe its a specific device that is hooked up to your USB that is causing the issue?


I know that on certain versions of Linux, the kernel would hang on my system when I had my printer plugged in until I got this new one. Its worth a try just unplugging all of your USB devices and seeing if you're just maybe having a USB conflict.


And of course, your other option could be to just remove the USB extensions from the folder. But I'd make that the last resort and try to troubleshoot everything else first, unless you really don't need USB support.

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