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  1. UUID Problem?

    Would you care to elaborate?
  2. after boot errors

    Have you looked at the Wiki if the card is supported? Also, did you use the search function?
  3. Help

  4. http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?act=Search
  5. HD Information Recovery

    If the data were really important, and chances are all or part of them resided after the first 6 GB, take the disk out and take it to someone who really knows what he's doing. Otherwise, kiss your data goodbye.
  6. problems

    Boot with debug=0x100 and report what it tells you when it panics.
  7. Gah!

    Boot with -v and report what it says. Besides, a more descriptive subject might make more people read your posts.
  8. Well, make a screen shot (yes, an analog one). Not sure what you mean with the "com.apple.iokit.CHDProf" line, but if this appears in the backtrace, move this kext out of your /System/Library/Extensions folder (if it exists). I guess it's called something like *CHUD*.kext
  9. vram error

    This should not happen.
  10. How are you progressing with this thing? Did you get past the firmware upload problems? Any source code to look at?
  11. Where are the Panic.Logs?

    OK, that explains some things. Sorry for my last post then. Well, I guess you should get a prompt or something by pressing some key combination when turning the box on. How do you activate verbose boot, or single user mode? Well, there has to be a way to set kernel debug flags. This is a development machine after all.
  12. kdp_poll: no debugger device

    Look in /System/Library/Extensions if there's a file with CHUD in its name, and move it somewhere else.
  13. Tweak OSx86

    I got the impression that you were talking about the page file used when the OS is short of RAM. Sorry if I misunderstood you. It was a popular (and by that time, valid) tweak for older versions of Windows to put the page file into a RAM disk, if you had more RAM than Windows could access, but these times are long gone by.
  14. disable pnp in bios

    No. This is a BIOS feature, so the OS (any OS) knows nothing about it. Most notebooks have pretty stipped down, mostly useless BIOS setups. But you can try one of the tools that allow you to modify hidden BIOS settings from DOS/Windows.