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[Solved] HP Pavilion DV6-2142sl DSDT


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Hi All, i have a hp pavilion dv6 notebook with InsydeBios i want to edit my dsdt but only if decompile\recompile i got 116 errors! Please can someone look at my dsdt and give an hand to fix it without any error?

This is my dsdt.dsl

The major errors are a about LNK[A-B] Object not found.



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with linux.. ubuntu

sudo apt-get install acpidump iasl


Then run the following commands on terminal:


mkdir ~/acpiinfo ; cd ~/acpiinfo

sudo acpidump > acpidump.txt

# enter password

sudo acpixtract acpidump.txt

ls *.dat | while read i; do iasl -d "${i}"; done

name=`sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name`


mkdir "${name}" && cp *.dsl "${name}"/


then zip and upload the folder with dsdt and ssdt

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seems like structuring doesnt comply to acpi specs for compiler.

structuring is a little bit mixed up. not sure of fix.

im sure someone eventualy figures it out.


u can also rebuild dsdt from scratch from parts of this one.


example: i used g31m-es2L dsdt i extracted and i later found a very small version of it (minimal) i compared the info and found a line for the memory was not same

so i fixed and it works with it missing 1/2 the dsdt.


in your case its a complex laptop not a desktop so it might be harder... find a dv6 model thats similar and compare .dsl in text wrangler ?


what model dv6 ?? under it under battery usually says dv6-####

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0 Errors, still warnings and remarks, it's a start.


Edit: Warnings also gone, you still are missing 2 brackets, was a on the fly fix, no patches applied, if you need them too, let me know.

Thank you very much now I have a full working system! I edited your dsdt to add all fixes needed for my system:

  • Fn Keys enabled
  • Brightness Fix: need to use generic brightness noslide edition
  • HPET Fix for native power management and sleep
  • Battery information are ACPI 3.x and 4.x compliant so voodoobattery read them well
  • LID closing fix: now go to sleep when closing LID
  • Temperature correctly reported and correct fan speed applied
  • Patch for loading AppleLPC.kext and keep cpu more cooler

If anyone interested:

EDIT: Added LPC patch


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