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  1. Slow boot after installing HWSensors

    I have the same problem ): very slow boot after installing HWSensors with latest fakesmc and plug-ins
  2. I solved my problem, wasn't software related but hardware related. The thermal paste on the cpu\gpu cooler was in bad status, replaced and now temps are ok.
  3. Try to add manually vendor-id and device-id to AppleLPC.kext's Info.plist
  4. @hugeschnauzer I added LPC device injection try this DSDT: DSDTPATCHED1.aml.zip @calmesal I renamed SBRG device and invocations to LPCB and added device injection try this: DSDTPATCHED2.aml.zip
  5. Is normal that in IORegistryExplorer under AppleLPC device under IOPowerManagement sectione I have "CurrentPowerState and MaxPowerState" set to 0x1?
  6. Yes, as described in this topic, in fact AppleLPC and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement are loading but temps still hotter. My CPU is an intel core i5 530M
  7. I have CPUPowerManagement working and LPC loading, but my temps are higher than OSX 10.8.4 of about 10 grades. What can be?
  8. Any drivers for JMicron JMB38X?

    Same problem here, any fix?
  9. 10.8.5 out

    Hi, I updated my DSDT and then to 10.8.5 on my hp dv6 core i5 that was working great. Now LPC is loaded and power management working but temps are still a lot higher than 10.8.4 (like if LPC wasn't loaded). What can be do?
  10. high cpu temps

    Solved. I patched DSDT for loading applelpc.kext and now is much cooler.
  11. high cpu temps

    Speedstepping is working, frequencies are changing and in idle i have the minimum freq possible. But compared to windows the temps are higher of about 5 degree and at the same temperature compared to windows the fan runs faster than in windows.
  12. high cpu temps

    Hi all, I have a hp notebook and all is working well under ML. I have native speedstep and is working correctly. CPU in idle is between 0-2% so all good. However the cpu temp compared to windows one is about 5-7 celsius degree higher. The fan is also more noisy at parity of temperature, how can I fix that?
  13. [Solved] HP Pavilion DV6-2142sl DSDT

    Thank you very much now I have a full working system! I edited your dsdt to add all fixes needed for my system: Fn Keys enabled Brightness Fix: need to use generic brightness noslide edition HPET Fix for native power management and sleep Battery information are ACPI 3.x and 4.x compliant so voodoobattery read them well LID closing fix: now go to sleep when closing LID Temperature correctly reported and correct fan speed applied Patch for loading AppleLPC.kext and keep cpu more cooler If anyone interested: EDIT: Added LPC patch dsdt.aml.zip
  14. [Solved] HP Pavilion DV6-2142sl DSDT

    I'm still trying to fix this, if anyone have some ideas tell me here...
  15. Atheros AR9285

    my broadcom43225 doesn't work. And also this ar9285 will work? what I have to install to make it work in 10.7.3? I have also an atheros ar5007eg will it work in lion?