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Hello there. I thought about introducing my self first, but I guess the topic called "Introduce yourself" is for that. Therefore, I'll go directly into my question. I'll introduce a little about everything at the end so it's understandable.


How to install a perfect copy of Mac OS X Lion on my PC? I installed one on VMWare, it was superb, but I wanted to use XCode 4. It made it extremely laggy, and someone suggested that I shall install it directly.


I downloaded iATKOS L2 copy, and was about to die because of that much time I spent trying to make it work. I can't find anyway to burn that .dmg properly. Even Transmac, it burnt just few files, and therefore lead to "Can't find /mach_kernel" error. I even tried to burn it through my virtual machine, but it brough up an error saying something like "Failure at communication between computer and drive". I converted it to .iso with dmg2img, and burnt it with MagicIso, and the same problem occured. Just those files were burnt:












PLEASE, I BEG YOU, HELP ME! PLEASE! I've gone crazy because of this. And I'm not that guy who would buy a Mac for 7K EGP (Egyptian pounds). My dad won't allow me to "spare my money" on it .__.



Here's the "little" introduction so you can understand most of stuff:


I'm an Egyptian guy, a teenager (uhum, a little younger than 18). I'm a C and VB6 programmer (and currently studying C++ and Objective-C). If you use Apple products you must have heard of Weather HD app, made by vimov, which is an Egyptian company. I want to join it :D They gave me a Stanford course about iOS development and told me that if I got good enough at it they would accept me. I'm really interested at it, and the course it really exciting, but I need XCode 4 to try everything. Even if there was a copy for windows which is the same, it would solve it.

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First of all, welcome to the forum.

Where abouts in egypt are you, just out of interest?


You won't get much help without posting your system specification.


The best place to start is with Snow Leopard, you can then upgrade this to Lion later.


Download and burn Nawcom's ModCD, use it to boot a Snow Leopard 10.6.3 disk.

Once 10.6.3 is installed, install a bootloader such as Chameleon 2.1 to your hard dirve. This is what will boot the OS.

Search OSX86.net for kexts for your hardware. Install these kexts to /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions (kext dependant), then run Kext Utility to rebuild caches and repair permissions.

Install DSDT Editor and use it to extract your DSDT. You can then patch this yourself or ask someone to patch it for you.

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If you really want to burn the dmg, use UltraISO. I have used it to burn many dmgs with no issues (although never install discs). I definitely suggest the ModCD method, and my guide in my signature is a detailed walkthrough. ;)


Are you sure XCode 3 w/ the iOS SDK would not work?


P.S. I'm a teenager, too. Kinda fun to help my peers. :D I'm still really jealous, though, 'cuz I don't know any programming languages (yet). :)

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XCode 3 won't run the iOS 5 SDK, for this you will need XCode 4.2 which is only supported by Lion.

There's little point learning to use an older SDK, plus StoryBoards (implemented with the iOS 5 SDK) make life so much easier.


Here are a few links to get you started with Objective-C and Cocoa, just something to read:



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