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  1. :/ I might try reapplying those kexts after updating. Maybe the update will change something.
  2. Nope, didn't work either
  3. In Chameleon there's USBBusFix=Yes, but that didn't work, camera still isn't detected
  4. I just used the driver you provided. For the USB fix, it's a bit too confusing for me. I removed the ports and port-count entries, but that didn't make a difference. I checked the DSDT using MaciASL, but I can't figure out what exactly in the DSDT corresponds to IOPCIPrimaryMatch :/ So yea, Camera still doesn't work.
  5. Ha, Wi-fi worked! Everything's perfect right now, except for the camera. The camera doesn't work
  6. The dongle won't work. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/300234-dell-inspiron-15r-special-edition-7520/page-5?do=findComment&comment=2091558 That kext isn't available for El Capitan. I'm having the exact same problem, literally everything works except the dongle. I'm considering buying an Atheros device. Any advice on where to buy one, and how to replace the hardware with the new Atheros one?
  7. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    The dongle works! That feels really, really good.
  8. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    I'm still stuck with that problem where "any" Android phone will not recognise that it's connected to a USB device when it's connected to Yosemite. I tried different cables, different phones, and I tried actual Macs, and in the end I made sure that the problem is with my own system. I still can't even figure out how to start fixing it. I also tested an iPod, it doesn't recognise the USB connection as well... Fixed! I downloaded the kext from http://sourceforge.net/projects/genericusbxhci/files/ . Now my Android phone recognizes the USB connection. I don't have the dongle right now but I'll test that ASAP as well.
  9. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    Also, although reported by other people that the driver works on Yosemite, my TPLink TL-WN723N WiFi dongle still doesn't work.
  10. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    Upgraded to 10.10.1. Upgrade went smooth, Android phone still doesn't detect the USB connection on Yosemite.
  11. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    Well, okay then I might remove that, honestly I just added it because my old plist had IGPEnabler there so I wanted to make sure nothing would break.
  12. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    Chameleon screwed up Yosemite for some reason so I had to reinstall the whole thing. This time I used Olarila's bootable USB from here, http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=5009 , instead of using the beta thing. I booted the installer using Chameleon, I had to use "IGPEnabler=Yes IntelCapriFB=4 GraphicsEnabler=Yes -gux_defer_usb2 -gux_no_idle" to be able to boot. The installation went smooth. Although the installer itself is modified, the installation is vanilla. I had to install everything myself. I started by using the same Extra folder in the first post, afterwards I installed the battery kext, sound kext, FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement, Elan kext, and Chameleon. It worked as perfectly as the previous thing. Hardware acceleration's there, touchpad is amazing, sound is clearer than Windows and Linux, everything's just smooth. However, I'm having the same problem with my Android phone and the USB Wifi Dongle. And apparently NullCPUPowerManagement shouldn't be there. It was weird though that when I installed the Intel widget thing that shows whether turbo boost was on or not (on the previous installation, which had NullCPUPowerManagement installed as well), it showed that the processor did indeed go turbo at some points. Maybe it's a lower level than the OS and the turbo boost still actually works even with NullCPUPowerManagement there? I'll edit the first post and add the new guide soon, using Olarila's installer.
  13. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    Right now I'm having yet another problem. I can't get another display (using VGA) to work. I use device properties thing with a string to make Yosemite recognize my graphics card. On Mavericks I removed that and I used IntelCapriFB=4, and it worked, but on Yosemite it doesn't. Never mind. I replaced my files with the ones attached and now the graphics work. HDMI works as well, but VGA doesn't. Any idea how to fix that? org.chameleon.Boot.zip AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext.zip
  14. TheNavigator

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    I renamed AppleHPET.kext to AppleHPET.backup (and made sure .kext wasn't there), rebuilt cache, restarted, but that didn't fix it.