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[Buy] 2x2GB Dominator DDR2

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Hi all,

i'm looking for 2x2gb dominator (corsair) ddr2 ram modules.


They are an old model (sold also w/ fans), and no longer available on stores.


Inside europe transaction preferred (ram must be ship to italy, and outside europe cost rises fast).


Tnx you


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      Ciao a tutti ragazzie/e. Vorrei un vostro consiglio sul mio portatile in firma.
      Ho 4Gb di RAM in un banco solo, vorrei portarli a 8Gb. Sui vari siti di e-commerce ho visto che un banco solo da 4Gb originale costa di più che due banchi da 4Gb di altre marche.
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      - No I/O shield sadly
      - Can guide you through the process of setting it up for OSX
      2) Intel Q6600 Quad Core Processor
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      - easily overclocked
      - will include Arctic Cooling CPU cooler ($15 value)
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