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  1. Update. I was able to install 10.8.2, and it works like a charm. Everything works correctly. If i can help anyone with my same configuration just let me know what you need and i'll be happy to share.
  2. Hi guys, any suggestion on the tutorial used to install 10.8? any of you are using a nvidia gt 9800 graphic card ?
  3. Still have not success with my GA-EP45-DS3 (setup in sign) anyone luckier than me ?
  4. Hello insanely mac users! after 4 years of high times i need to move on with my old Hackintosh (lovely q9550) So i have outlined few scenarious from my daily work, and this is the constraints i should respect. Budget is not a problem, but i honesty don't need the super duper 30000+ geekbenchmark start. - have a Gigabyte motherboard (find myself happy of that on the previous one, it's easy to find in my local dealers) - sleep working - 16gb of ram My random ideas on it: - i'm not a ssd-hype fan, but if it's easy to realize i'd love to try the caching ssd system (128gb should be enought). I don't understand at all if the caching on ssd can be realize automaticly (as the fusion drive) or must be a way of use (os and working file on ssd, everything else on the second hd). - i DON'T need a hi-level graphic card. I do 2d only, and when it turns to 3d my actual 9800gt is pretty enough. I'm not even a gamer. Photoshop takes advance of the graphic card for filters and zoom operations. A middle range graphic card should be ok. - i would focus on finding out the right combination of cpu-bus speed-ram clock. - i'd like to get into a future upgradable architecture. When i built my old quad machine i did the mistakes of choosing quad instead of i7 architecture. and it blocked me in future upgrade. - connection goes on lan. No bluetooth/wifi/etc - i would love to have audio available both on the back and frontal of the case. (read all the audio output of the motherboard should works) - i do really need a stable configuration rather than an high performance one. Looking forward to your suggestions THAAANK YOU!
  5. Can't see shared libraries on Itunes

    Fixed using this great drivers! http://lnx2mac.blogspot.com/p/realtekrtl81xx-osx-driver.html Mod pls lock the post and mark as solved
  6. Hi all! i'm pretty happy with my smooth 10.7.2 installation on ga-ep-45, i just have this problem, and now i decide myself to spend time fixing! In my network there's a MBP an iPad and my Hackintosh. MBP shares the iTunes library. Hackintosh shares its own iTunes Library. iPad sees both the libraries MBP sees the Hackintosh library Hackintosh can't see the MBP library. Also, on hackintosh finder i see MBP as a "window-icon" pc (see attached pic). And sometimes i need to mount it by CMD + K writing the IP. Prob is something about the bonjour protocol. Any hints ? Chips! Nick
  7. Hi all, i'm looking for 2x2gb dominator (corsair) ddr2 ram modules. They are an old model (sold also w/ fans), and no longer available on stores. Inside europe transaction preferred (ram must be ship to italy, and outside europe cost rises fast). Tnx you Nick
  8. 10.7.3. is OUT !

    Hello all, i don't want to seam rude, but let say i don't know nothing about HDA and so on.. let just say i have a working 10.7.1 running on the configuration in sign. I'm time capsuling every day. Any suggestion how i should act? step by step ? as usual, tnx you so much!
  9. ok, i did the change in smbios, and now no Kernel panic on boot, but prompt for still waiting for root device
  10. just that line ? what excatly do ? magic!
  11. Since configuration is pretty close to mine, and i'm facing the same issue, i'd like to add screenshots of the kernel panic i got every time i try to reboot now. I can access the hd from another partion (w Snow Leopard), let me know what i should do .. Tnx so much
  12. i'm actually stucked in the same point of pollopollo Lion fail to install around the 13 minutes , saying " impossible to install mac osx " "installer has found an error that deny the installation (translated from italian)" "click on reboot to try again"
  13. Morning all, i'm facing this issue on the installing procedure. My HDs situation is the following on HD1 i have a working OSX Leopard Install on HD1 i have a empty partion i prepared for OSX Lion on HD2 i have a working OSX Snow Leopard Install My mobo is a GA-EP45-DS3 I following the tutorial step by step, i boot for the first time using f12, and the 3 hd (the 2 plus the external one) show up. I choose the external, with verbose i can see he does things ... after a while he reboot, showing again the 3hd. The lion procedure didn't start. if i choose again the external the situation loop back again and again. where's my mistake? Tnx a lot in advance
  14. Hi all, i have a Haskintosh with a q9550 processor and leopard 10.5.8. (vanilla) installed. Gigabyte ga ep as motherboard (the same configuration in my sign). The only temperature displayed by OS (or on istat) is the two HD temperature. How is possible to add also the other temperature (at least the cpu, but gpu will be cool too ) Tnx a lot best Nick
  15. [Aiuto] Spegnimento improvviso

    Allora, a quanto pare è un problema di temperatura di cpu. Dal bios all'avvio mi dice 89 gradi, da osx avviato mi dice 38° (pero è un valore stranamente che non varia). Il mio case ha 5 ventole ed è anche studiato perchè il flusso mandi fuori tutto e non crei vortici interni, quindi l'unica imputata è la ventola della cpu che probabilmente non fa dissipare bene, o il dissipatore della cpu che non fa ben conduzione con la cpu Questo pero ha aperto un nuovo problema .. COME MAI il mio osx non rileva la REALE temperatura della cpu ?!