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Add Webapp to Springboard with Code

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If I program a webapp, it can be added to the homescreen when I tap on '+' and on "Add to homescreen", right?

If I have a website now, the webapp shows up in the Safari-Window the Statusbar got transparent and I can use the app, but when

I add it to the homescreen, everything is gone (that's better). Is there any code to do this: When I want to add a webapp to my homescreen there should be a link like "Install" or something and then I'll have a link to my webapp and when I tap on "Install" it'll add the webapp to the springboard

with or without closing Safari and it's there. This way you don't have to tap on "Add to homescreen", it's like an installer then!

This code could be HTML or Javascript. Hope you understand me and/ or can help me. Thanks!

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Unless you actually build your app and do the rendering within the app itself, iOS will automatically handle webapps that are added to SpringBoard from within the OS itself.


My suggestion is that if you're fluent enough with iOS devving is to just to build a simple app that loads up your web page from within the app itself. I'm not sure exactly why the webapp is not showing how you want it to but it could be nemerous things like how webkit renders the site and what not. It would of course be easier to build your own app where it's more flexible to control things by code rather than depending on Safari's webkit to render the page how you expect it to be.

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