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  1. I followed the directions here: http://www.vladan.fr...de-to-esxi-5-1/ to update from ESXi 5 to 5.1 and the vCenter App to 5.1 as well. (Reboot) I reran the install script for the 1.1.0 unlocker. It hung with "/usr/bin" as the last thing on the screen. After 30 minutes or so, I ctrl-c'ed out and ran the uninstall.sh script, then the install script immediately after. It took about 5 minutes to complete. (Reboot) Then I updated the hardware to version 9 and the OS X 10.7.4 VM booted without a hitch. In fact, it boots a lot faster than before. I updated the tools and rebooted the VM. I then updated the OS to 10.7.5 and Safari to 6.0.1. I then installed xCode 4.5 that I downloaded from Apple's site. Back in business. Thanks!!
  2. Considering they are just about to hit 25 billion apps downloaded, the $100 cost of entry might be too low...
  3. I found learning Objective C was rather time consuming considering I already know HTML5, CSS3, and jquery. Sooooo I taught myself JQuery Mobile and started using Phonegap to port my webapps into the iTunes Store. I recommend it if you know web languages already.
  4. I do this with a SL VM. As long as you can run xCode (so Leopard most likely and beyond), you should be fine. Pretty soon, I think xCode 3.x won't be good enough though, which means you are going to have to have SL. (Hint: ESXi 5 runs OS X VMs using tips from these very forums)
  5. Look into PhoneGap, which essentially will wrap your webapp into iOS code.
  6. So I've been running this OS most of the day, and so far, I'm mixed on my like for it. It seems like so little has changed, and what has changed, I have on my iPad/iPhone. We now get unified messaging (no more iChat), and a lot of iCloud-type features, like shared notes, reminders, and messages. If you subscribe to the iOS eco-system, this seems to work well (just like it did in SL). The new default wallpaper looks a lot like the one we got previously (the space galaxy shot). We do get a new version of Mail, that so far looks like the old version, except the animations are all broken so stuff happens lightning fast (which I like, haha). Mail also seems to index every single freaking mailbox you have, which took forever to setup, but after it was done, it was kinda nice cause it groups conversations regardless of what folder they are in (including your sent messages). Parallels Desktop is broken badly. Even the 32-bit hack that people are posting doesn't seem to work for me. Then again, all desktop visualization breaks every single time they update the OS, and this is a preview. The updates come through the App Store. Safari seems very much the same. Messages and the iPad/iPhone Apps function much like you'd expect them, and updates happen pretty quickly to my iPad and iPhone. It was pretty interesting to see that my iPad games from Game Center weren't visible on my Macbook or iMac though. I guess they are different apps... I guess. More as I keep using it!
  7. My first attempt to install fresh into ESXi5 did not work. I then tried to upgrade from 10.6.8 and 10.7.2, neither of which worked. Everything installs, but when it goes to reboot, it never returns. Anyone have luck porting the vmdk file from fusion/workstation?
  8. I loaded the unlock, installed OS X 10.6 (workstation, not server) on ESXi5. I then updated to 10.6.8, and then updated to 10.7 via the App store. Lastly, I updated to 10.7.1 and everything is running great! Thank you everyone. Now I can mess with iPhone dev again!