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  1. OS X won't boot, serveral reasons

    I will try to install the latest JMicron ATA patch with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and reboot, hopefully it will work! After that I will try to update to 10.6.8 and then I'll try to install the graphicscard kexts before rebooting . Thank you very much! EDIT: iStat Menus says that my CPU is over 10.000°C hot. Dayum, that's almost twice as hot as the photosphere of the sun!
  2. OS X won't boot, serveral reasons

    My DVD-Drive uses, and only has, IDE (the HDD however is SATA II, configured to work with Mac OS X, and it does )! Thanks for your help so far, Whaka ! EDIT: I've read that I have to install the JMicron ATA kext, which is included in EasyDSDT, however, everytime I do this I can't boot without graphicscard Kexts...
  3. OS X won't boot, serveral reasons

    I mean my DVD-Drive doesn't show up without the Legacy Kernel :/...My graphicscard never worked before, I can't find any kexts for my graphicscard (ATI Radeon HD 5450)... I've read that updating to 10.6.8 adds support for these cards (I have 10.6.3) but that breaks my installation and I have to start from the beginning... What's the best way to update? I will reinstall OS X later without SleepEnabler and NullCPUPowerManagement. What about GraphicsEnabler? Is that compatible with my card? Thank you sooo much so far !
  4. OS X won't boot, serveral reasons

    Oh dayum, you are right! Thank you so much for the hint, now I can also install the HD 5450 Kexts *-* since it's the vanilla kernel then(, right?)! But I'm curious about the thing with the powermanagement, I never experienced any problems with that . Could you tell me how or what I have to modify ? Thank you so much, that got me way more far. Let's just hope my DVD-Drive works, it never did with the vanilla kernel (why?)... Updating or patching may help .. Thanks for your help so far! EDIT: I used this tutorial to install Mac OS X. In Step 4, PookyPacMan defines a Intel Core-CPU also as a Core 2-CPU, does that mean I don't have to install SleepEnabler? If yes: I already installed it, can I remove/ disable it or are there any disadvantages?
  5. Hello there InsanelyMac-Community ! I really need your help, I'm installing OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 for serveral times now and I'm getting to my goal with each try. First of all, my (out-dated setup, who cares, I just need it for testing): --------------------------------------------------------------- CPU: Intel Pentium E6700 Dual-Core @ 3.2GHz RAM: DDR2 2x2GB (800MHz) GFX: ATI Radeon HD 5450 HDD: SATA 2 320GB MOBO: ASUS P5QLD Pro Like I said, outdated but it works very well and is suitable for SL. --------------------------------------------------------------- I experience a different boot-error with each installation, and with every installation I try something different. Before telling you what my problems are, please take in my I use a USB-Mouse, but a PS/2-Keyboard (my last error had something to do with this). Because of my Intel Pentium 4 I'm using the Legacy Kernel. I manage to install OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 without any problems. I can use OS X 10.6.3 without problems after setting up OS X, but I never restarted my PC after installing because I didn't want to risk 30 minutes of installing for nothing (I don't know if I can boot after a fresh installation or not). I rather wanted to install everything and/ or update first. My first few attemps I updated to 10.6.8 using the combo-update and installed all kexts with... You know, MutliBeast (I hope this won't get censored). I used EasyDSDT because my mobo doesn't have any pre-configured DSDT... After booting with -v the bootup stopped at [ PCI Configuration begin ], neither npci=0x2000/ npci=0x3000 and/ or PCIRootUID=1/ GraphicsEnabler=Yes or No fixed my problem, not even with -x. I've read that this is caused because of my GFX-Card, but I can't seem to find any Kexts for 10.6.3 to 10.6.3 who work with the Legacy Kernel (the only one for Snow Leopard says Vanilla Kernel only). With my very last attempt I did not update to 10.6.8, I just installed all kexts and restarted, but that gave me the appleps2alpsglidepoint-error, that's why I told you I use a PS/2-Keyboard (I don't have any other one that I could use for this setup, so I need to use it). One time I've also got the ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitforservice(...) timed out...-error, but it seems I fixed it with using the Legacy Kernel (I didn't use that one before, but I have to since my CPU is older that any Intel Core-CPU). Now my question is, even though I followed a couple of tutorials and I can install OS X, can anyone help me find Kexts for my GPU and maybe tell me how I should update to 10.6.8? After the (I guess) 8th attempt, I really loose the motivation to sit through a 30 minute installation just to find out that my system won't boot. Anyway, I won't give up! Can you guys please help me? Thank you for everything guys , ClarkX86. Update: I finally managed to boot my PC on 10.6.3 using "GraphicsEnabler=no -v", still I need compatible kexts... I can't seem to find any for Snow Leopard, only for (Mountain) Lion+ or for the vanilla kernel... Any ideas? Thank you *-*!
  6. Sinful update with this hardware?

    Oh well... Okay, then I guess I'll have to stick with Snow Leopard .
  7. Hey there InsanelyMac-Community! I really hope this is the correct board for my question, which is the following: I had some hardware laying around which I did not use because it was kinda low-end and/ or outdated. With this hardware I decided to pick-up a project I canceled before: Building a Hackintosh. Now, I successfully installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the latest version. Now, this is also pretty old and with the possibility to update to Mavericks I thought I maybe should give it a shot. But this is the problem: Like I already said, the hardware is outdated... This is the hardware I'm currently using: Intel Pentium 4 (!!!) Dual-Core @ 3.2GHz 4GB DDR2 RAM 320GB HDD And the (very) low-end: ATI Radeon HD 5450 all running on an Asus P5QLD Pro Motherboard. Snow Leopard is running smooth, no crashes, no errors, no problems at all: It seems to work with my hardware. Now I ask you, should I consider updating to Mavericks? I mean, the real Macs now use the most up-to-date Intel-Cores and also SDDs and so on. Would Mavericks even work on this setup? I mean, Windows 7 64bit runs smooth, but thats not comparable... To sum things up, would It make sense to update (I mean, I guess it would work, but would that make any sense?)? Since I don't want to use the Hackintosh to run any graphics-or CPU-intensive programs, the outdated hardware does not concern me... Thank you so much community, ClarkX86.
  8. Hardware kompatibel?

    Mich stört das nicht Danke erstmal, werde mich mal informieren!
  9. Hardware kompatibel?

    Wieso muss ich dazu einen Mac haben? Ich habe einen normalen Bildschirm mit diesem Kabel mit dem blauen Dingens vorne dran (wie nennt man das nochmal :/). Dies ist ja Intel und AMD ist ja immer so eine Sache... Kann ich das auch auf einem RV515 von Samsung laufen lassen (habe ich schonmal gefragt :/). Vielleicht nocheinmal von EUCH eine Antwort MfG Clark
  10. Hardware kompatibel?

    Hallo Ich würde gerne OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard oder Lion auf diesem PC installieren: Intel Pentium E6700 2×3,7GHz SSE 1, 2, 3, 3S ASUS P5QLD Pro-Mainboard DDR2 4GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5450 Ich würde mir eine Snow Leopard-Install DVD kaufen (bei Amazon oder so) oder mit irgendeiner .iso installieren und dann auf Lion per Apple Updater upgraden, damit dass dann legal ist. LEGAL IST MIR WICHTIG! Danke, ClarkX86!
  11. (Snow) Leopard mit AMD Notebook

    Ich habe auch noch einen PC Ich öffne einfach einen neuen Thread
  12. (Snow) Leopard mit AMD Notebook

    Der AMD E-350 Prozessor? Damn. Habe ich schon bemerkt: Still waiting for root device. Chipset-Driver nicht dafür da... Garnicht? Noch nichtmal mit iDeneb, iAtkos, Kalyway oder so (ist illegal )?
  13. Hallo liebe Deutsche-Insanelymac-Section! Ich habe ein Samsung RV515 Notebook und eine (Snow) Leopard Installations-DVD. Ich will mir keinen Hackintosh bauen, einfach OS X auf meinem RV515 installieren (am besten auf einer externen Festplatte). Ich würde gerne Chameleon 2 RC4 Bootloader haben und dann LEGAL OS X darauf installieren. Außerdem möchte ich updaten können (von (Snow) Leopard auf Lion). Ich kenne mich gut mit PC's aus, aber nicht mit dem installieren von OS X auf einem Laptop. Wie kann ich das machen ohne meinen Bootloader oder ähnliches zu schrotten? Danke! MfG ClarkX86!
  14. Hey. If I program a webapp, it can be added to the homescreen when I tap on '+' and on "Add to homescreen", right? If I have a website now, the webapp shows up in the Safari-Window the Statusbar got transparent and I can use the app, but when I add it to the homescreen, everything is gone (that's better). Is there any code to do this: When I want to add a webapp to my homescreen there should be a link like "Install" or something and then I'll have a link to my webapp and when I tap on "Install" it'll add the webapp to the springboard with or without closing Safari and it's there. This way you don't have to tap on "Add to homescreen", it's like an installer then! This code could be HTML or Javascript. Hope you understand me and/ or can help me. Thanks!