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First things first. I want to thank everyone in this community for some awesome work. Hopefully it might lead Apple to release OS X for non-Apple hardware. I had never even contemplated, let alone used it before stumbling upon this OSx86, and as a seasoned Linux and Windows user, I have to admit that I have been converted.


After succesfully installing 10.4.5 on a super ultra totally-bottom-of-the-range-cheapo Acer TravelMate 2413NWLMi with absolutely perfect results, my desktop is next :(


I intend to install the 10.4.7 on my desktop, but have two fat32 disks that are currently been read and written to by my Kubuntu installation on another drive. Can I do the same with 10.4.7?


After my successful 10.4.5 installation on my little lappy, does 10.4.7 offer a broader range of hardware options?


I have forgotten the brand of my mobo, but with a Radeon 9600pro and a Pentium 4 HT SSE2 CPU and a gig of ram, I guess I will get further with my desktop intallation than my initial laptop one (before I used the paperclip external monitor trick, and the wonderful Broadcom fix as suggested by 'Dense' of these fine messageboards!)


Since I am not a gamer, I'm going to go the whole hog and be OSx86-only on both machines, such is my faith in this project. If it's good enough for JaS, it's more than good enough for me :)


I understand that my questions have probably been a wee bit dumb, but thanks all the same for taking time to read this.

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