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iBooks Author on Lion in VMWare Player

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Yesterday I installed iBooks Author on my 10.7.2 VMWare install, but when I run it I get a blank panel where the editable area is supposed to be. The cursor even changes when I move over areas, but I can't see any of the text/images on a page.


I have it running with 1.5GB of RAM and I've installed the latest VMWare Tools from the darwin.iso in the unlock-all package. I've included a screenshot to show what's happening.


Has anyone else tried iBook Author in a VM? Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?


PS: I'm new to this forum and If this is the wrong place for this post, I humbly ask a mod to move it to the right one.


Edit: The same thing appears to be happening in iPhoto. It shows the photo previews, but when I click a photo the photo area just goes to the grey background without displaying the image. I tried installing the VMsvga2 driver, but that didn't help either.


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I am experiencing the same issue and have tried similar solutions, including toggling the 3D Acceleration support (no effect). If I toggle the orientation toolbar button from landscape to portrait and back, I can see the template briefly during the transition before the window becomes blank again. My guess is a video driver incompatibility. I found another report of this on a Dutch site for Lion running in VMWare Fusion, so it appears to be common to both the Windows and OS X host platforms.

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