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Quicktime, itunes, dvd player freezing problem 10.7.2


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Hello everybody,

I've been googling for days, but I have only been able to find similar problems on forums with non hackintosh computers with earlier versions of Lion.


When trying to play a video the system freezes, sound continues to play end the mouse will move, but the system will not respond to any input and a shutdown by holding the powerbutton is the only way out.


This happens to me in quicktime (including safari plugin on apples website), iTunes (video), iPhoto (also only video, rest is working fine) and the build in dvd player. VLC, as well as Final Cut Pro is working just fine.


My hackintosh is close to perfect. I try to avoid quicktime, but when you stumble on an embedded video in safari, insert a dvd (autorun) or accidentally hit a video in your photo library in iPhoto this is quite annoying.


I managed to get rid of the flash-player freezing problem by disabling hardware acceleration in the flash settings, it is bit laggy in full screen tough.




Dell 1558 Studio Laptop

1.6 GHz Intel Core i7

6 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

ATI Radeon HD 5470M 1024 MB

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74)


I hope there is a solution for this :)


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