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Found 12 results

  1. Hello People, I have a dual-boot system with both Win10 and MacOS on separate drives. MacOS on an SSD while Windows is on a standard laptop HD. At first it was working fine and I haven't thought much of it but recently MacOS started acting weird. The first thing I noticed was that Clover somehow "forgot" my primary boot drive. This wasn't a huge issue though, as it was booting just fine once I hit enter on the drive selected. I updated Windows 10 to a newer build, however, I did all of this with the SSD drive unplugged just to be sure. Now Windows is working properly while MacOS is having some quite frustrating errors which make it impossible for me to work... Anyway, the problems are the following: - random reboots - apps freeze or won't start just "bounce" - internet not working(eventhough every other device connects just fine) - system is laggy overall I have tried emptying NVRAM int Terminal but I only got a message saying 'Error clearing firmware variables'. I've been searching for solutions on the web for the issue at hand but struggled to find one... I would really appreciate some help. I attached my config.plist down below. If more information is required, please let me know. Thank you!! config.plist
  2. Hello everybody, I've been googling for days, but I have only been able to find similar problems on forums with non hackintosh computers with earlier versions of Lion. When trying to play a video the system freezes, sound continues to play end the mouse will move, but the system will not respond to any input and a shutdown by holding the powerbutton is the only way out. This happens to me in quicktime (including safari plugin on apples website), iTunes (video), iPhoto (also only video, rest is working fine) and the build in dvd player. VLC, as well as Final Cut Pro is working just fine. My hackintosh is close to perfect. I try to avoid quicktime, but when you stumble on an embedded video in safari, insert a dvd (autorun) or accidentally hit a video in your photo library in iPhoto this is quite annoying. I managed to get rid of the flash-player freezing problem by disabling hardware acceleration in the flash settings, it is bit laggy in full screen tough. Dell 1558 Studio Laptop 1.6 GHz Intel Core i7 6 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ATI Radeon HD 5470M 1024 MB Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74) I hope there is a solution for this Thanks
  3. Hello to all of you! I have sucssesfully install Hazards Snow Leopard today and updated to 10.6.8 using Legacy kernel for 10.6.8. Everything works great including games and HD video playback in vlc, the only problem i face is video playback in flash (youtube, dailymotion etc) freezes every 2-3 seconds, if i play youtube videos with html5 everything works great! problem occours on both chrome and safari! my build: Asus M2N-SLI AMD X2 6000+ nVidia GeForce 9600GT 3 SATA HDDs 1 SATA DVD-RW 2GB RAM Just to add: Flash in safari is updated to last one, and in chrome the included one with latest chrome.
  4. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    Hello! Yesterday I decided to throw out windows (hate it so much...) and try out hackintosh. I somehow (probably a miracle) installed Yosemite and it almost works (but with random freezes, no sound, graphic card glitches and so on...) but i want to start from the start because going into something this complicated headlessly is a suicide. So what do I need? I need to start learning but i dont know where. If someone would help me to get into this i would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and looking forward for your replies.
  5. Hello My wife's early 2009 Snow Leopard iMac has started failing to boot properly and I'm looking for some troubleshooting tips. Booting from cold, it gets past the logon screen and starts loading the desktop. It's quite slow at this point, but does load all the (hundreds of!) icons on the desktop. It also tries to re-open Firefox which had a lot of tabs open. Initially it would load a Firefox window but not complete loading the internals. On one boot I think I managed to close Firefox and now it still tries to load but just displays "Firefox" in the title bar with no windows. I can initially access a few menus, spotlight, Finder, the dock, but any further action results in a beach ball for these, and they can't be accessed again. I was able to navigate Finder to try to launch Terminal but just it just gave me the beach ball. I've left it like this for about half an hour but it doesn't get any further and I have to force shutdown (long press of power button). I tried booting to safe mode (holding down S on startup) but the end result was the same. I've been able to boot to a live ubuntu USB disk and can access files on the hard disk, so I've started a backup. We have a time machine backup but it's not that recent. I'm hoping it's just a corrupt file, but suspect it's the hard disk starting to fail. What's the best way to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  6. Hello All, I have a dell e6420 laptop which i have setup for triple boot. i just realized that i followed an old guide and thus it might be why I'm having freezes on minimize windows. specifically browser windows. this is what i did: install osx el capitan created 2 partitions fat installed windows installed ubuntu installed gptsync on ubuntu to keep all partitions sync'ed. went back to windows and made OSX partition active so that clover will boot. now everything works fine, but i have a very strange issue. when i hit minimize, the window freezes half way down and then it goes to the dock. sometimes it just hangs and i have to reboot. this issue is only on OSX. windows and linux don't exhibit this issue. i thought my issue was related to installing gptsync under linux, so i have removed it after reading other triple boot guides but the issue remains. it seems keeping the partitions in sync is no longer needed. Specs: Dell E6420 8GB RAM 525 GB Crucial SSD intel i7 2.8Ghz 1600x900 Display is there a log that i can attach to try and see where this issue is coming from ? thanks here is a picture:
  7. So i've been using my hack for over a month now. I thought I had success but alas I haven't. It keeps freezing at random intervals (usually anything from between 1 - 3 hours apart) and then restarting. Is there anyway I can find out what could be the cause of this? Like a log report or something like that? I feel like I've come across something like this while installing OS I just can't remember how it worked. A bit of information: [even though I guess I need a log report if anyone's gonna have a chance of helping me] SPECS: Using Yosemite 10.10.4 Gigabyte X99 UD4P BIOS version F2a i7 5820K MSI GTX 970 Using Clover. Only kext I changed was the HDAaudio kext which I replaced with Toleda's one, but have since put back the original as I bought myself a usb audio device. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can provide! I desperately need it.
  8. Hello! It's the third time I've installed successful the 10.10.5 without any problems but my graphics card (I guess is the GPU but I don't know) is having an issue. This issue is actually only happening me with the 10.10.5, previous versions are working perfectly so I don't understand what's going on. I've installed the NVIDIA Web Driver and apparently all is working without troubles but when I use the computer like opening Safari or Finder or anything my system freezes. Isn't frozen as you've to reboot, but it is every time I do something. So for example if I open Safari, the system freezes for 20 seconds (sometimes more, sometimes less) (and I can move the mouse), then returns to normal. If I click on the adress bar, it freezes again for 10 seconds, then returns to normal. So that's my problem. If I start with nv_disable=1 this problem does not exists, but then the gpu isn't working and all is very laggy. Hope you can help me
  9. Hello , i lately been trying to install OS X ML on my ATA hard disk i used another hard drive with the image of Hazard Mountain Lion on it and its bootable with chameleon any way i can boot the installation in -x -v -f , otherwise it freezes while am in the installation itself while formating or even while typing in my disk label it just freezes in a random time i installed clean without any fixes or patches or kexts from hazard's most of the time it runs fine but sometimes it freezes as well and i have to start over after its done and i boot into by OS X drive using my bootable HDD in -x -v -f it runs fine i put in my info i log in and i start opening windows like finder and so and it just freezes so if i am lucky to get past installation and booting up without freeze the OS, it freezes after startup. i can't track down the issue i thought its gpu i tried to use graphicenabler or even nvenabler no difference i see that in boot it always says AppleCpuPowerManagment service waiting and it times out i tried to use a fixed cpupowermanagment from the installation dvd by hazard (hdd i made) it changes that part but it freezes some where else my system is CPU: Intel Core2duo E7400 2.6 GHz it goes 2.8 from bios Mobo: GA EP-41-UD3L (rev 1.0) BIOS : F6 HDD : ATA 160GB WD i install from SATA 160GB WD GFX : nvidia 9600GT RAM: 4 GB DDR2 PS2 keyboard USB mouse no DVD rom attached while installing and when i did it didn't make any difference tho notes : Snow Leopard worked just fine i never could update to 10.6.7 tho i always got kernal panic by the end of update installation :/ also btw when i tried to install from USB instead it froze on the beginning of installation process usually after 2 - 4% every time but i think that's caused by poor mobo support for usb boot. here are some screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/s/edruclqpdo3xq9o/2013-07-27%2001.52.09.jpg this with clean setup and https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wjrq0rue9z4ln4/2013-07-27%2000.39.38-1.jpg sometimes i get this kernal panic after trying few patches in installation process but not always it usually freeze too here are my options while installing (link/attachments) http://leohazard.com/css/images/hazard10.8xb.gif
  10. El capitan is hanging often when i do simple tasks, such as opening chrome or finder (anything where a window i click something in opens). The spinning wheel pops up and the window stays frozen (if its a video, it stays stuck on the frame where the spinning wheel began, etc) until i click a random spot outside the window, such as clicking the desktop. Console gives lines about "gpu driver appears to be hung" ,and other issues about " failed to composit for descriptor". Is this an el cap thing, or something with my clover settings? I have a 280x gpu that was working perfect on YOS.
  11. Bansaku

    Sapphire 6870HD random freezing

    I recently upgraded my Sapphire 5770HD to a Sapphire 6870HD. Based on many readers feedback and several OSX86 sites recommending the 6870HD I thought purchasing the card would be a safe bet. Overall I am quite happy with the performance (both in OS X and W7) with one exception... Periodically, and by that I have found no real "cause", the system will hang; the BG processes are still running (i.e. iTunes still plays, and files continue to d/l) but the desktop will freeze, only being able to move the mouse pointer. Sometimes the system freezes when opening a window, both Finder, and (launching) iApps, never by any 3rd party software (like WoW, Cinebench, PS3MS, or Vuze). My System specs are in my sig. Latest Cameleon v2.1svn r1730 bootloader Graphicsenabler=y AtiConfig=Duckweed bdmesg: ATI card POSTed, reading VBIOS from legacy space Framebuffer set to device's default: Duckweed Nr of ports set to framebuffer's default: 4 ATI Barts AMD Radeon HD 6870 Series 1024MB (Duckweed) [1002:6738] (subsys [174b:174b]):: PciRoot(0x1)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) Any ideas how to remedy my problem? I have tried using AtiConfig=Bulrushes however that just causes the system to hang and crash on the grey screen before the desktop appears. I know a lot of you awesome folks out there are happily using a Sapphire 6870HD without issues. Any help would be much appreciated. Edit: removing GraphicsConfig=yes from my boot.plist solved the hang on grey screen using Bulrushes (blonde moment if ya think about it). Steam works and GB doesn't crash, DVD player does (who cares), Cinebench reports 2fps better, but SP reports card as 6xxx (expected). I will report back to see if the screen freezing is cured.
  12. I've been trying to figure this out for a few days now, without any success. A couple days ago now, I noticed that my system had rebooted and my Clover entry said that it was trying to boot macOS from a hibernated state, which didn't work. Ultimately however, I got it to boot once I selected "Cancel hibernate wake," but once I did this, the graphics driver would not load, requiring me to reinstall the driver, and having to boot with both NvidiaWeb and nvda_drv=1, it seemed like it was finally back to normal. But it just kept freezing after a while, no matter what, it freezes after I login every time, until I restart it, only for it to do so again. I've tried wiping the drive and reinstalling the OS, along with the GPU driver, but it still freezes every single time after I log in to the system, I have no idea why it is or how to fix it. Other people seem to have no clue either. The fact that it is persisting after a reinstall is concerning. It was working completely fine before a few days ago. I'm lost. I'm looking for any suggestions as to how I can solve this. Are there any logs I should grab that could shed more light on the situation? EDIT 1: System seems fine when Nvidia web driver isn't loaded. Removed nvda_drv=1 from clover boot flags, NvidiaWeb variable is not working for some reason. Currently no hardware acceleration. Also fails to load driver with just nvda_drv flag. EDIT 2: Fixed GPU acceleration by re-running Clover installer, and selecting "Install all RC scripts on target volume." Now to see if it still freezes on me. Using just nvda_drv=1 flag. Edit 3: Still seems to freeze, just not as quickly. All signs point to an Nvidia web driver issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it. Edit 4: Have been using it for a significant amount of time without freezing, at this point, I'm assuming the window server has been intermittently dying, if it happens again, I'll attempt to remotely kill it via ssh and see if that fixes it. Edit 5: Tried restarting WindowServer. System UI is still frozen but ssh access is present. Edit 6: Fixed the issue by completely wiping the drive including the EFI partition, and configuring it slightly different, reinstalled everything. Haven't had a single issue since. Last reinstallation attempt was done via recovery partition, re-making the installation USB and using that seemed to have an impact.