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dual boot XP and OSx86.

i cheated big time.

first i shrunk my XP with partion magic left the xtra space FAT.

then i cloned a running hack to a thumb drive with CCC

installed chameleon to the thumb drive

booted from the thumb, erased/formatted the empty partion with disk utility

then cloned the thumb to the fresh partion

rebooted from the thumb, reinstalled chameleon to the new mac clone

and wala! it boots to osx unless i hit any key before boot where i then have my choice XP or OSx86.

the only thing screwy is the time is 6 hours off on the mac side but i'll get it figured out.


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well the video is only screwy on videos...online type, i mean the regular everyday stuff, and normal web surfing is fine; it's only not there when watching youtube and since it's on both safari and chrome i'm thinking it's an adobe flash player issue rather than hardware or kexts, but what do i know?

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