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  1. Hey guys! Long time since I been around this thread! I am looking to upgrade my OSX Lion install to ML. Just 3 quick questions 1) I found this link for DoiX install packages. Any other helpful posts floating around? Like I seen a post about a recovery disk creator or something like that 2) How did getting the Nvidia card working turn out? 3) Have their been any updated USB 3.0 kexts that fix the bugs found in them like sleep
  2. That because your entire issue has to do with installing the Kext. You need to install the Kext from my pack (Zip file), using Kext Wizard. After install run kext utility and disk utility. This should correct that problem. As for the screen issue, you are right, that should be a Smbios issue. I think it can also be solved by deleting SNBIntelGraphics.kext or something like that. But I think NotMeAgain documented this
  3. Guys, why are yall so concerned about editing the SMBios.. His problem has nothing to do with the SMBios. The boot issue is purely related to missinstallation of the kext. You need to install everything in DoiX's installer and deferintiate between the options I specified in the guide
  4. If graphics are workin and USB 2.0 ports are working the DSDT isn't your problem. The system isn't booting because you misinstalled the kext. Try reinstalling through the pack I providied
  5. calreyru1978 is right to an extent. Make sure your using the right DSDT and its put in the extra folder. This will solve the USB drive problem and screen all in one. Now to make sure you have the DSDT loaded, boot with RBootLE and enter these boot flags (Change the bus ratio value to your own as specified in the guide): -v GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 busratio=20 DSDT=/Extra/DSDT.aml You should boot with native resolution now What calreyru1978 mentioned above is easier to be done through the installation of DoiX's package, but has the same results if you choose that route
  6. The DSDT is needed for proper recognition of your hardware. Use Doix's package installer (V6 not V5) for the latest DSDT. and make sure you install the right Boot.plist option at the very bottom of the Package installer. The system should work without RBootLE in step 14 I'm not sure what the difference between the two system definition's are. They seem to be the same. Either one will be fine When you repair permissions; it is normal for a ton of permissions to be repaired You misinstalled something. Try booting with RBootLE and reinstalling the kext from the Package installer, run kext utility and then disk utility. Reboot without RBootLe. If the system gives you a kernel panic again (That's what your screenshot is), try installing the kext from my zip file (Not DoiX package). Install them with Kext wizard to System/Library/Extensions after they install run kext utility and then disk utility.
  7. Bios Can't be dumped, "BIOS reading not supported on this device"
  8. Alright noob moment: How do I determine how much VRAM that I have? I've looked in windows but it only gives the properties of the Intel graphics card Looks like 1GB Wait: guess you don't need it now that you deleted your post? lol Either way, posted a GPU-Z screenshot just in case you need more info
  9. Thought I remember DoiX saying the beta of the release broke a lot of things, but hey, try it and report back. Your probably best installing it on another primary partition so you don't lose your current OSX system. Good luck
  10. DoiX has greatly improving the battery length. Another person (sorry I forget the name) is working on the bois unlocking/modding front to help get the nvidia gpu working. Nothing is scheduled or garenteed to be released anytime soon, so don't ask when. It'll just anger the hardworking people working to perfect our machines
  11. You can't. He just said that. Intel graphics only
  12. Hey everyone, just got to testing the DSDT (Been very busy). First off, the first EFI string worked for me (Nvidia 525m with Full HD screen). Within the first couple seconds of boot, I noticed much better fan control, and less heat. Will try shutdown and restart functions and dive deeper into testing the battery. Thanks for the hard work Indeed, the restart didn't work (Stuck at black screen), but the shutdown worked very quickly, almost too quickly lol Now gonna try and test the battery life (9 cell): Battery life seems close. However, I'm giving the edge to OS X here by about 30 minutes or so. A MAJOR improvement over the past DSDT, which burned the battery over twice as fast on windows @Doix: I don't remember the L702x drivers making my speaker smell like it was burning. I've been using the 502x ones for a while now Also I looked at my PCI cards using the normal DSDT, and can confirm what adv said, theres none there (Chimera 1.7 A07 BIOS)