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close to finish my hackintosh (vt/x and screen tearing)


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Hey, wonder if anyone got some ideas how to fix two small annoyances to finish up my hackintosh build for now...


1st of all, i got really bad screen tearing. never seen anything like it.

Are there are any settings in OSX i can change to turn VSYNC on? or any setting for my videocard i can change?


Im running official Nvidia drivers 256.02 on a GTX460...

Also wonder if a Xbench score of 350 on OpenGL test is regular with this card. and are there any apps for OSX which can monitor what clocks the card is running?


Second thing is that Parallels told me i should enable Hardware Virtualization, VT/X, on my system... am i improperly setup or is that just something i should overlook?... Just wonder if im setup improperly or if there is some way to make it work? Parallels looks like it runs good but i wouldnt mind some extra speed from it. Its just basically slow HDD and video playeback compared to a standard XP setup.

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