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  1. Hey, wonder if anyone got some ideas how to fix two small annoyances to finish up my hackintosh build for now... 1st of all, i got really bad screen tearing. never seen anything like it. Are there are any settings in OSX i can change to turn VSYNC on? or any setting for my videocard i can change? Im running official Nvidia drivers 256.02 on a GTX460... Also wonder if a Xbench score of 350 on OpenGL test is regular with this card. and are there any apps for OSX which can monitor what clocks the card is running? Second thing is that Parallels told me i should enable Hardware Virtualization, VT/X, on my system... am i improperly setup or is that just something i should overlook?... Just wonder if im setup improperly or if there is some way to make it work? Parallels looks like it runs good but i wouldnt mind some extra speed from it. Its just basically slow HDD and video playeback compared to a standard XP setup.
  2. worked out good. nice app does putting in the exact numbers yield any performance? like the C states and the HPET?
  3. its rc5 rev 1132 i think... i dont have any org.chameleon.boot.plist... and no matter what i put in the apple.boot.plist nothing affects it... the apple.boot.plist is in /S/L/E Snow 10.6.8, reage install i dont have any boot.plist in Extra at all...
  4. Where do i put the GraphicsEnabler=yes to force it at every boot? I tried com.apple.boot.plist but that did not change anything...
  5. got installed, after combo update system hangs on boot, AppleSMCBusPCI start failed to get acpi path, ACPI.SMC.Platformplugin start waitforservice ((AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out just wonder can i fix this from Windows? i got Macdrive and can access the drive in windows
  6. no prob im stacked with media now lol 10.6.7 combo is a must or can i go directly with 10.6.8 combo update?
  7. When you say install the package onto the usb stick... what do you mean? im on windows. no mac's here
  8. Andy, im doing 10.6.3 for the install. Is the 10.6.7 combo update a must? or can we do 10.6.8, and/or just skip combo update all together?
  9. i will try that, prob is i only got 1 usb stick, 8gb... i have some probs getting the osx image onto it... if your cd works on the usb i will try to burn 10.6.3 onto my last dvd... or if u got a better solution...
  10. you think your bootcd will find the osx installer on a usb stick? if i eject the cd and insert the usb.... will it find it? i could give you device ids and hardware specs for a deluxe motherboard and give it a run so you could have files for deluxe if u want. only difference is i got an nvidia card.
  11. lmfao lmfao, u know what i meant! burned iatkos bs with my 2nd last dvd and cant get it to work... is p8p67 deluxe ok with this guide and tools btw? maybe burn your bootcd to my last dvd and put osx on the usb stick...
  12. i have 1 blank dvd, an 8gb usb stick and a ntfs HDD, is it possible? lol
  13. trying to install iatkos s3 v2 and i get Grub Loading, Error 17 at the first boot from the dvd... doesnt even look like it polls the system... anyone knows? tried both AHCI and IDE/Compatible mode.. its like it doesnt even look for a hdd, just launches right into error 17 right after bios bootscreen, no search or anything. Maybe i should try another "release"? I want 10.6.8 basically, my drive is NTFS if that has something to do with it? I thought iatkos would launch its installer but its apparently going directly into grub, and sits there on the error-