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6990M Virtual Box


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Hi guys I installed Lion on my laptop a couple of months ago... and the system itself is running fine on virtual box. In order to boot into the OS in 1080 i use the command:

"Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32"

This allows me to use the OS in full 1080. I have run into problems though... Although I am running Lion on a 6990M I am having a very laggy experience... Even when I go to watch youtube I am unable to (black screen) and I can only hear the sound which is also kind of laggy and sketchy.


All of the animations are laggy even when I am moving my mouse around...


I will list my specs here and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me a hand asap. I want to be able to use Lion for a programming course I am taking and not have to install UBUNTU.


SAGER 8150

Intel Core i7 2720

AMD Radeon 6990M


MAIN OS: Windows 7 64 BIT Ultimate


If you need further details please let me know... Although that should be more then enough to hopefully solve this problem.


Thank You!

This could also have something to do with my virtual box settings or maybe it could be a simple command I am missing upon launch.

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Even thought you can get native display resolution within virtualized environments, no one has been able to get video hardware acceleration working on any of the virtualization engines therefore video and applications that require a decent video card will not run no matter how good your system's hardware is. Unfortunately, there is no way around that except installing OS X directly on the hard drive.

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