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  1. neuroman

    Dual screen (HDMI + DVI -> VGA) doesn't work on Radeon HD7970

    Are you doing uefi booting or BIOS. I had the same problem with a radeon 7950 on an x58 board. When I moved the card to a z97 board with uefi boot they worked flawlessly Sent from my LG-H810 using Tapatalk
  2. neuroman

    Garbled boot 280x

    You news to love the bootloader to the EFI partition or use clover in uefi mode
  3. neuroman

    XFX HD7870 on Mavericks

    What version of Mavericks are you using? Mine is recognized OOB with 10.9.1 What about other cards? Are they working ok?
  4. neuroman

    ATI HD6990 / 6970 in Maverick, possible?

    I have a Radeon 6970 and I tried a lot of stuff, helper card, graphics enabler, DSDT injection and could not get it to work. I have given up and will sell mine. God luck with your endeavor. Please let us know how things go. There is a thread here about using custom kexts with DSDT injection but there are still crashes and openCL does not work - this is the nice thing about putting radians on macs, specially with the new support in FCPX for that. Please let us know if you get it working. Suerte.
  5. I am having the exact same problem with a Gigabyte X79S-UP5. As long as there is no major load on the NIC, the network behaves fine. But today I was trying to move 60 GB of data over the network and the NIC crashed. Cannot ping or anything and there is no network access from the computer.
  6. I am having the same problem with a Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5 and an i7 3930k. Will work on it this weekend and let you know. I get black screen on ML 10.8.4 and CPU halted on Mavericks. I am not sure the 10.8.5 kernel supports Ivy-E but I may be wrong.
  7. neuroman

    VoodooHDA with fix for random KP

    Working perfectly w/o Kernel panics on a Dell Optiplex 790 (ALC 269 version 2.8.2d6). Thanks a lot.
  8. I had to do video device injection on the 8440p but that one used an Nvidia card. It never worked well on lion.
  9. Unless you are using a natively supported video cards, you are going to have a hard time getting this card working. The way it's done on Hackintoshes is using the boot loader to "inject" the card information but using ESXi you loose that ability. The only thing I can think of trying to install the latest NVIDIA drivers for QUADRO cards which worked for my GTX460 SE in a non-vitualized setting. Hopefully you will get it working. Good luck.
  10. neuroman

    6990M Virtual Box

    Even thought you can get native display resolution within virtualized environments, no one has been able to get video hardware acceleration working on any of the virtualization engines therefore video and applications that require a decent video card will not run no matter how good your system's hardware is. Unfortunately, there is no way around that except installing OS X directly on the hard drive.
  11. There is no hardware or acceleration available on virtual environments for OS X. I have run into this problem on several installations in the past whenever I have run both snow leopard or lion on hardware w/o Open GL support. It even happens when you use Remote Desktop on systems with QE/CI support. I feel the Workstation/ESXi use of OS X is limited in that aspect and makes it very useful for server environments but is very lacking when you try to use it as a workstation to do anything that requires even minimal video hardware resources. I feel it still is fairly functional for running OS X exclusive software and tasks such development and file management/backups but I would not expect to be as functional as dedicate installations until the hardware acceleration issue is worked up. On the other hand, I am very pleased with my Lion server ESXi install. It allows native time machine support, profiles and the VPN setup in lion server is crazy easy when compared with Windows Server 2008 R2. Unfortunately, the file sharing changes on Lion Server really messed up it's use on mixed environments (i.e. linux htpc boxes). I would also love to see hardware acceleration on virtual os x environments but this has not happened to date.
  12. I finally could not get the server going with VMware Workstation under Windows Server 2008 R2 so I decided to go with vSphere 5 and I have to say it runs very well. The server upgrade kept hanging on configuring services and although I could get it to reboot, I could not get the Server app to work - I had to connect from a separate computer. I actually have both OS running concurrently and have setup the server to auto shutdown and so far this has worked perfectly. I am still on 10.7.1 since Esxi has not been upgraded since August as far as I know. The only bad thing about this is that I had a cheap software raid card in my server that is useless now. Additionally, my backup esata array drive will not work with esxi (I will have to connect it to a NAS). Just writing this as a follow-up. BTW I had to install SL Server and upgrade from there to get it to work in my hardware: ASUS p7H55 m pro/Xeon x3450 16GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHZ/OCZ 200GB SSD with 7TB HD storage.
  13. Has anyone been able to install Lion Server under Workstation 8. I have tried to upgrade the client version and during setup after the package installation, the installer hags on configuring services. I have tried to upgrade 10.7, 10.7.1 and 10.72 as well as upgrading Snow Leopard Server which is currently running flawlessly on a Window Server 2008 r2 host. I have olaso tried moving a fusion VM to Windows only to get a CPU kernel panic. Does anyone know how to make a server install from scratch to a new volume? By the way, is there any way to enable shared folders on Apple client machines? Thanks for the information and I hope I can get this solved.
  14. neuroman

    Need help with LAN card

    Another update. These only happens after a cold boot. The network interface card doesn't show up in windows either. Everything goes to normal after a reboot - even just going into the BIOS setup and rebooting. Has anyone experience this with another motherboard? I have seen it described with other motherboards and some ASUS motherboards. This appears to have something to do with the drivers. Has anyone found a fix for this? Please help!!!!!!!!!
  15. neuroman

    Need help with LAN card

    A little update: I only have the problem after I turn the computer off. It doesn't happen when I restart it. Do I need to get a new NIC?