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Slow hard disk


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hello all

I'm having slow hard drive reads. Suddenly, it stops for 10 seconds, keeping the hd activity led steady on.


When this happens i cant open any program , till i hear disk click click then system back normal ,,


my Hard disk is healthy , i checked SMART and is goood,,, performance is good in Ubuntu and Windows 7


i saw some fix for it but include edit the DSDT.AML but i dont have one and i tried to create one but looks hards to do and i have so much errors in it,

is there any other ways


My Mobo:


asus m3a76-cm

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thanks for fast replay ,


when the freeze comes, then i cant open the activity Monitor,


and when i let it open then i try open any programs that effects hard disk to freeze then also the information in Activity Monitor freeze so is really hard to trace it

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Hm...have you tried reinstalling?


Don't try to open anything while Activity Monitor is running. Select All Processes and see if there is anything using too much CPU/RAM.

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yes i did reinstall 2 times,, and i updated from 10.6.2 to 10.6.7 and 10.6.8 and all same problem freezing,,


freeze when open applications like final cut , adobe after effects, iweb, ,,,, also when try access other partition in hard disk


there is nothing using aLot RAM/CPU ,



my spece ;


mobo : asus m3a76-cm

AMD Athlon II x3 435

Ram 4 Gb DDR2

Disk seagate 500 Gb

Cart Ati hd 4850 1Gb

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i did research in google and i found some people had same in asus Mobo and they had to modified DSDT and delete some lines of IRQs in some devices ,,


i cant do that coz i dont have DSDT and i couldnt create one byself,, i got alot warning in it

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Did you extract it from OS X or Linux?


If you're having problems with OS X, I can give you instructions on DSDT extraction in Linux (Ubuntu).

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Okay, so now you need to get to the Terminal. If your graphics card doesn't have drivers (it's running in Classic mode) than go to the Applications menu in the top-right corner, choose Accessories > Terminal. If Unity is loaded, go to the Ubuntu icon at the top right and search for Terminal. Now type: the following commands:


cd ~/

sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT > dsdt.aml


Bingo! You now have the DSDT in your home folder; now you can drag it onto a flash drive and upload it. :) If you want to be a dear, you can also decompile it by entering the following commands:


sudo apt-get install iasl

iasl -d ~/dsdt.aml


Then drag dsdt.dsl onto your flash drive. :)


You can edit it in either. It doesn't really matter. I would post this issue with your DSDT up in the DSDT forum and see if any DSDT gurus know what to do (I'm a noob to DSDT; I only know how to fix the RTClock, which is totally unrelated to your issue :rolleyes:).

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I'm so sorry - I accidentally gave you the DSDT for my MacBook!!! Don't use it; I will patch the real DSDT.


I think the DSDT Patcher is malfunctioning...I'll do what I can.

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I wouldn't worry about warnings. I'll add the patches for the SATA. :)


However, I'll have to send you dsdt.dsl as for some unknown reason DSDT Patcher will only compile the DSDT for the machine you're operating on. I'll be back in a little. ;)


It seems that the DSDT Patcher fixed all the issues listed in the SATA fix post. I only added a group of lines in the TMR device. Compile it and see if it works. :)



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thank u my friend


i did it in extra and i have com.apple.boot.plist and i did flag




in boot i got some Panic and alot numbers and i only can understand this :P :

Kernel extensions in backtrace ( with dependencies)







and then restart again couple times then works with no keyboard


and now i use flag DSDT=none




Update :


now boot good when i used GraphicsEnabler=Yes


i'll test if hard disk gonna freeze or not


P,S: how i know if DSDT is loaded ??

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Don't know how to tell if DSDT is loaded; but if it's dsdt.aml inside the Extra folder, and you didn't type DSDT=none, it should be loaded.


If you still get panics, I may need to remove those lines I added in your DSDT.

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