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Alittle help with chameleon post lion if possible please.


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Hi guys,


I have successfully got lion 10.7.2 installed and working very well with app store and icloud. Chuffed to bits have invested in a trackpad and keyboard making my machine perfect.


However I have a couple of niggles that I could do with some expert help on if possible.


1) When powering on my machine if I have my usb hard disk plugged in the machine will try to read that disk and not even get to chameleon will just keep rebooting. The only solution I have found is to unplug the drive which whilst not being a massive pain I would rather not have to do. I have checked in bios and can not see the disk showing as a bootable disk at all so not sure why the machine keeps going to it and would like to stop this happening if possible, any guidance would be great.


2) The second problem relates to my windows hard drive. This is a seperate drive that I have installed windows on and am able to boot from this in chameleon no problem it is working a treat. However chameleon is showing the system reserved part of the drive. Is there anyway of hiding this in chameleon. I am using version v2.1vs r1752. Ideally if I can fix the first problem regarding the usb drive and am able to hide the system reserved partition on chameleon will I also be able to hide my usb drive from showing?


3) This is the final problem and I believe one that is also affecting real macs. When waking my machine from sleep the trackpad is showing as connected but will not work until I have unplugged my usb bluetooth dongle and re plugged it in. Is there a work around to stop this from happening so that it will work straight from sleep?


Really sorry to bombard you with questions and thank you for all of your help so with guides etc and enabling me to get the whole mac thing working am chuffed to bits so far.


Thanks a lot



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You can hide and rename drives/partitions via org.chameleon.Boot.plist. Read the Chameleon documentation over at the VoodooProjects forum, general board. In your case you would rename your "system reserved" partition to "Windows 7" and hide the OS partition itself.


If your USB drive is stalling the boot process, hiding it from the menu will probably not help.


You can try different settings for your USB controller in your BIOS and/or



In org.chameleon.Boot.plist. More info in the Chameleon documentation.


The bluetooth sleep issue sounds like something that could be fixed through DSDT patching - but only if your bluetooth device is integrated. If it's an USB bluetooth dongle then your only option is to attack it at driver level. Keep searching.

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sounds like your machine is trying to boot from USB and the issue isnt related to chameleon. Change the boot order to set boot from hard drive as first on the list. next you will want to see if your motherboard allows you to specify the order of hard disks to boot from. make sure the drive with your chameleon bootloader is first on the hard drive boot list


sorry i cant help with the others

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