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.mac alternatives

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been meaning to post this stuff for a couple of weeks.....


bookmarks: camino with camitools (ftp bookmark syncing).


addressbook: plaxo.com. (free addessbook syncing).


iphoto: flickr pro account. (total off site photo library backup)


idisk(well, webdisk): box.net (cmd-K, http://www.box.net/dav)


ical: box.net (webdav enabled for calendar publishing).


mail: aol 2gig imap mail for free (i use this in conjuntion with gmail, to allow a sort of gmail imap service).


total cost per year, US$25 for flickr account.



anyone else doing anything similar?

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Bookmarks: google browser sync

adressbook: isync with phone (se p910i)

idisk : gmail with gmailfs and gdisk

ical : google calendar ical (altough only changes can be made there at google's calendar , via ical it is syncable with the se p910i)

mail : own mailserver with imap.

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