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  1. A link to this wallpaper please ?
  2. LanWolf

    Conroe Desktop Mac

    Yup, a new cube would be my choice too, with at least x1600 video or nvida . A little bigger mini woul also be nice... just 1 cm higher woud be enough? Well if i't be laptop parts for proc and mem i'ts all right with me, i just miss the accellerated video (dual dvi?) & decent speed/size harddisk on the mini.
  3. LanWolf

    10.4.7 Server Success

    Now that is good news Well, just hit the mouse button and see if we can make a dream come true
  4. LanWolf

    10.4.7 Server Success

    Server 10.4.7 UB ,That's very nice BUT :Does it include/run FrontRow too ? My intension: build a multimedia/server/router/firewall etc box -Webserver -Mailserver -Fileserver -Router - firewall -Torrent downloader -Newsgroups (by means of something like sabnzbd) -Media Server - PVR -DVD/ Divx etc Playback 1 brick for all
  5. LanWolf

    .mac alternatives

    Bookmarks: google browser sync adressbook: isync with phone (se p910i) idisk : gmail with gmailfs and gdisk ical : google calendar ical (altough only changes can be made there at google's calendar , via ical it is syncable with the se p910i) mail : own mailserver with imap.
  6. LanWolf

    How to mount windows shares permanent?

    I use an automator script for it. 1:) "get specified servers", put in an smb adress (like "smb://" ) 2: "connect to servers" Save as a programm and run it at login... This was some way a dutch Tweakers.Net meber told me how to.