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How I got a logitech keyboard working

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Just wanted to share my experience with my Logitech Mx Duo in case anyone else if having an issue.


I have Mac OsX 10.4.7 installed and if I used the LCC21.dmg from logitech's site the keyboard preference panel wouldn't open.


I finally found this...




First uninstall any LCC you have installed and reboot...Download the 'lcc20.dmg' and install. Now everything is working and I can change my media keys.


EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention the LCC does not support all logitech devices however it does support ones not listed on the Logitech page so its worth trying...

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I have the same problem LCC 2.1 needs a kernel newer than 10.4.4 or maybe does some EFI checks, the problem with LCC 2.0 is that my logitech mouse hangs so I had to use LCC 2.1, everything works except that I can't configure the keys for something else.

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