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LION/Snow Leo on One G90?


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Hi @ all,


i bought me a new Notebook with high performance Hardware, yesterday it has arrived, now i want to install LION or Snow Leopard on this machine.

Can anybodey Help me to get it working, please?


First i have iAtkos v3s2 und LeoHazzard 10.6.6 as bootable DVDs.

I need to know wihich kexts und which Bootloader is needed.


Here are my Hardware Specs:


CPU: Intel Core i7 2670qm

Chipset: Sandy Bridge

Southbridge: HM67

Motherboard: Clevo P170HMx

RAM: 4*4GB DDR 3 Samsung

Graphics: nVidia GTX580M

HDD: Samsung HN-m750mbb

SSD: Corsair Force 3

Wlan: Killer Wireless n 1102

Lan: Jmicron

BluRayRom: HL-DT-ST BD RE_GBW t10N

USB 3.0

Audio: Realtek HD Audio 0892


i think this is most important hardware. there are also webcam,cardreader,firewire and much more...


So everybody here help me please!!!!

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Use a retail version of snow leopard + a boot disk to get snow leopard installed.

Then you can add kexts, dsdt and boot loader to perfect the install.

You can then use this SL installation to create the Lion install media, partition your hard drive and then install Lion.

If you so wish you can then delete the SL partition once Lion works.


OR if you have access to a mac/hack you can use that to create the Lion install media and install Lion straight to your laptop.


Either way, don't use a distro, they are hard to support as most people here seem to use a retail install method, myself included.


You will have trouble getting your graphics card to work properly under snow leopard, under lion it should be natively supported, though you may have to patch a few kexts to get OpenCL working.

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okay, i´ll try it after christmas time.

i´ve a legal version of snow leopard to, but where i can find the needed kexts? i´ve looked at kexts.com but didn´t find anything.


Can you help me please?


For Graphicscard i plan to try the kexts for gtx 580 (desktop edition ) and edit the devid and hardware id. think this could work.

And GTX580M is supported by nVidiaUpdate from tonymacx86 forum.


So have nice Christmas time


Best wishes from Germany

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