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  1. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    is there a possibility to switch between the GPU´s in osx?
  2. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    here it is new.zip
  3. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    no, it shows both card at system monitor but i got the resolution and colordepth like on the picture i uploaded
  4. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    Hi, i´m back here again. this dsdt works normal for booting up my system. if i use both Graphics Cards it looks like this: When i disable the gt555m all works except the GT555m Graphics Adapter. i´ve looked araund the system monitor. there the gt555m is shown with 2048mb ram. and open gl rendering is supported. but it looks like the picture i´ve uploaded. very strange for me. Ohne Titel.tiff
  5. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    Hi, i´ve tested your new dsdt, but without sucess. System won´t boot anymore in verbose Mode i get the following errors: [AGPM Controller] unknown Platform Apple LPC:: start - RCBA not enabled ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin:: register LPCDriver - Warning - LPC Device initialization failed: C-State power management not initialized hope this helps you
  6. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    thanks for your help. system boot fine but graphics isn´t very good. shows wrong resolution and only 8 bit colors. here is my ioservice new ioservice.rar
  7. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    At first many thanks for your work. The system boot fine with your patched dsdt. So i could make the ioreg steps. Attached you´ll find the services and device tree extracted with ioreg and my extra folder with your patched file. I hope that this are all informations you need to help me again. I can´t send you a link to my customer for the specs, cause they have updated this laptop for a while and old model isn´t there any more. i can only send you a detailed list which hardware is used in my System. Thanks you very much!! ioreg.rar Extra.rar
  8. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    so here is the acpi_dsdt from aida64. please help me acpi_dsdt.rar
  9. Dual Link for Alienware m14x r1?

    So i need help to get dual link working on my alienware. I´ve extracted a dsdt.aml for my system an d nearly everything is working. (usb 2.0 usb3.0 LAN Wlan) things that don´t work till yet are the integrated Card Reader and the Nvidia GT555 1.5Gb. The graphics Card is shown in systemmonitor with installed kext for the intel hd 3000 device. But i don´t have accelration for my PCI Card and hardware Monitor show 0MB Vram. So all please have a look at my dsdt and help me please!! Big thanks for all your great work till now!! DSDT.rar
  10. Hi @ all, can someone help to get my wlan working?? Here are the ids from windows: VEN_168C&DEV_0030&SUBSYS_20001A56&REV_01 I´ve installed Lion 10.7.2 on my One G90 with GtX580m and nearly all is working. Wlan, Trackpad, Lan, Camera won´t work. But full HD res with my Graphicscard. Please help to get wlan working!!! Thank you all
  11. LION/Snow Leo on One G90?

    okay, i´ll try it after christmas time. i´ve a legal version of snow leopard to, but where i can find the needed kexts? i´ve looked at kexts.com but didn´t find anything. Can you help me please? For Graphicscard i plan to try the kexts for gtx 580 (desktop edition ) and edit the devid and hardware id. think this could work. And GTX580M is supported by nVidiaUpdate from tonymacx86 forum. So have nice Christmas time Best wishes from Germany
  12. LION/Snow Leo on One G90?

    Hi @ all, i bought me a new Notebook with high performance Hardware, yesterday it has arrived, now i want to install LION or Snow Leopard on this machine. Can anybodey Help me to get it working, please? First i have iAtkos v3s2 und LeoHazzard 10.6.6 as bootable DVDs. I need to know wihich kexts und which Bootloader is needed. Here are my Hardware Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 2670qm Chipset: Sandy Bridge Southbridge: HM67 Motherboard: Clevo P170HMx RAM: 4*4GB DDR 3 Samsung Graphics: nVidia GTX580M HDD: Samsung HN-m750mbb SSD: Corsair Force 3 Wlan: Killer Wireless n 1102 Lan: Jmicron BluRayRom: HL-DT-ST BD RE_GBW t10N USB 3.0 Audio: Realtek HD Audio 0892 i think this is most important hardware. there are also webcam,cardreader,firewire and much more... So everybody here help me please!!!!
  13. Acer Aspire 5740G Hackintosh

    Habe das System zu einem Tripple Boot aktualisiert. 1. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit 2. OSX Lion 10.7 3. Windows 8 64 bit Developer Edition
  14. (Sell/Trade) Acer Aspire 5740g Hackintosh

    EDIT: i updated this SYSTEM to an TRIPPLE Boot with 1. Windows7 Ultimate x64 2. OSX LION 10.7 3. Windows 8 x64 Developer Edition with DEV Tools
  15. Hi @ all, i want to sell or trade my Notebook. It´s 8 month old with Guarantee from Acer. Original Price was 950€. This Notebook is absolutely in top condition. Battery is like a new one cause i only used it about 10 times. Here are some specs for this model: CPU: Intel Core i5 4x2.26 GHz bis 4x3 GHz RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3 Ram HDD: 640GB Sata Grafics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1024MB (up to 2746MB Hypermemory) Display: 15,6" 1366x768 16:9 LED HD Blu-Ray Rom with DVD Brenner WLAN 802.11 b/g/n Gigabit LAN Bluetooth Virtual Dolby Surround System HDMI/VGA Out 4x USB 2.0 Crystal EYE WebCam NumPad The Dual Boot System works great. Win 7 Ultimate is installed with actual drivers and some Programs like Firefox/Office 2011 ... i installed Modern Warfare 2 from "alteriw.net" so you can play this Game out of the Box. On LION i´ve installed many apps. Here are some examples: Microsoft Office 2011 Autodesk Autocad 2011 Adobe CS5 Master Edition µTorrent iPhone Explorer VLC Player Xcode Toast Titanium 11 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Virtual DJ Pro Tiny Umbrella Carbon Copy Cloner Paragon NTFS 9.0 Things that don´t work cause of missing Kexts: LAN (not tested) SLEEP (can´t find right SleepEnabler.kext) HDMI/VGA Out (missing ATI Kext for Mobility Radeon) All other Hardware works flawlessly!!! ON this machine you have 3 partitions 1. Windows 7 Ultimate 2. Data (NTFS but both Systems can Read & Write) 3. Mac OSX Lion 10.7 Price is 650€. Or trade for a MacBookPro from 2010 15" Pictures can be found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=269104