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ALC 889A on EVGA SR2 Classified


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Hello everyone!

Currently working on my EVGA Classified SR2 lion 10.7.2 system.


:weight_lift: Geforce 560 TI working

:weight_lift: 24 gb corsair ram working

:weight_lift: 2x Xeon 5680's Stock 3.33 ghz working

:weight_lift: D-Link DWA-556 Network card PCI express extreme working


:wallbash: Sound ALC 889A worked in 10.6 leapard. After install of either 10.6.8 or 10.7.2 It stopped working. Not sure of what to do.so tips would be great! I will post my changes and keep you guys up to date on progress.


:wallbash: When I first go into OSX 10.7.2 First during boots takes forever compared to SL. Also upon desktop i can move mouse, but cannot click anything for about 1 minute. It sits there unresponsive. After this works fine. Any tips in regards to this bug? Thanks!


These two things will make my super comp ... a supermax. Hope you can help!


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