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Is it possible to install Lion on Intel Pentium D?

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Hi. Sorry for my english and my hackintosh knowledge if i make a mistake. I was wondering if i can install Lion on my PC without upgrading it, because i have a Pentium D and if i would upgrade, i need to buy a new motherboard and a new ram because i know that most motherboards with Intel i5/i7 has DDR3 and i have DDR2. So, my configuration is:



CPU: Intel Pentium D Processor 925 3GHz

Video: nVidia GT220 1GB

RAM: 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2


As I see here, my CPU is 64bit... Intel Pentium D 925 HH80553PG0804MN (BX80553925) so, there is any method that can make my CPU run Lion? I tried to boot iAtkos L1 and it doesn't seem like it's making any move.

You will need to try AnV's experimental legacy kernel (search for it here) or try Valv's Chameleon branch. I have yet to try it, but Valv's Chameleon branch allows you to boot Apple's kernel.


Have you installed Snow Leopard already?

Sorry i didn't mention. I am running Snow Leopard perfectly ( i have only minor problems, like the Mic isn't working via Voodoo hda, which is the only audio solution for me). If it's possible, i would like to install Lion to another hard drive, just to make sure i will not compromise the Snow Leopard i already have. If it's working, i will port my data to it. Thanks for your response.

I'm in your same boat with SL. I'm learning about this right along with you.


Tonymac has a great Lion installation tool called xMove. Look it up on google and follow that guide to move the Lion installer to another partition (or drive). Once you do that, download AnV's legacy kernel I mentioned above, rename it to AnV_kernel (there is already a mach_kernel on the Lion drive), and copy it to the Lion drive. When you reboot after copying the Lion partition, press a key at the Chameleon prompt, select the Lion installer, and type:


AnV_kernel -v


Then press enter and see what happens. If you can boot to the Lion installer, just follow the onscreen instructions to install to another partition (or drive).

Coming with some news. I tried to boot iAtkos L2: I made a table with 4 kernels: mach_kenel, mach_atom, my custom kernel ( from snow leopard, i was thinking it may work) and an anv_kernel i found on the internet. my custom kernel and anv kernel didn't work at all. The original mach_kernel loaded but stayed there. The mach_atom gave me KP. I tried to boot normally, with -v and -v -x -y.


Anyway, I searched on Google for Valv's Chameleon branch, and i couldn't understand what's that and how it works. Can you help me, please :whistle: ?

Sure. I'm trying to figure it out, too. :P From what I can gather, we have to download it via Terminal. I'll get you the command when I figure it out.


What do you mean by the mach_kernel loaded but just stayed there? Normally the Pentium D cannot boot mach_kernels (otherwise known as vanilla kernels) without Valv's Chameleon branch. Also, the atom kernel shouldn't load either.....odd.


By the way, you can upgrade your processor without upgrading the motherboard. Your mobo supports Intel Core 2 Duo processors, which support Apple's kernel just like i5/i7 processors too.

Kismat2k, the only problem is whether or not your Celeron is based upon the Core microarchitecture. If it is Core-based, I believe the Celeron model number will be a 4 digit number. All Core-based Intel CPUs (which include late model Pentium dual-cores and Celerons) can boot Lion fine. The Pentium D is not, unfortunately.

Update: it looks like us Pentium D users may not be able to run Lion. Our processors have EMT64, which simply allows us to run 64-bit apps and OSes in a emulated environment. I am still looking, but we may not be able to run Lion in the end.

for pentium d users....sorry out of luck....Lion doesnt support pentium d processors....get a c2d processor....they are very cheap these days...u need not change ur motherboard...only changing the processor will work for u...no more hassle...

Hi! Sorry for not responding, I was engaged in various projects. I will upgrade my CPU, but i have a question: Should I buy a Core2 Duo or a Core2 Quad? I don't know if a quad worth, and if it works. I know that a Core2 Duo works with lion, but i wonder if a Quad has a different configuration, or something...

It doesn't matter how many cores the CPU has, you don't need to do anything differently to make it work.


Whether you should go for a CPU with two or four cores depend on what you do with your Hackintosh. If you're into pro audio/video or do a lot of video encoding, get the quad core. If not, two cores will do just fine.


If you want something that's relatively cheap, full featured (virtualization, modern power saving) and performs well I recommend the Pentium Dual Core E6700: http://www.cpu-world...71E6700%29.html

If you're going to look for one, be careful to not confuse it with the old Core 2 Duo E6700, they are very different CPUs.

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careful anybody considering a CPU swap! Before ordering find out *exactly* which manufacturing process (e.g. 0.045 or 0.065 micron = 45 or 65 nm) and FSB (e.g. 1066 or 1333 MHz) the mobo in your computer supports. I have a Dell Optiplex 745 SFF - the mobo in there supports the Core 2 Duo E6700 (65nm) but NOT the above mentioned Pentium Dual Core E6700 (45nm), both LGS775 socket ..

Big, big news!!!!! A Pentium D CAN run a Lion kernel!!! :thumbsup_anim:


Over IRC meklort was so kind and patched a vanilla kernel for me (he removed the CPUID check), and no restart! (the problem with AnV's legacy kernel) However, the problem now is I'm getting stuck at "Got Boot Device". But it's progress!! :D :D

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Something new with this ?


I have 2 machines with old intel G945GNTLKR motherboard and pentium D945.

Motherboards not work with any core2 processor. Now they have 10.6.7


I am really - REALLY - interested to run lion kernel with this old machines.

The primary issue is that it stops at "Got Boot Device", meaning it found the OS but nothing else happens.


If you'd like to try it, I can give you the kernel.

That would be very kindly, thank You. If You ask permission, can it put somewhere more public ?

More brain, more power or something that like. - Like this community.


Pentium D have only multimedia command or order, which calls SSE3. Lion needs SSSE3.

(one more S, if I remember right, different is four order)


Removing only cpu id is not enough. It is necessary to make emulation those 4 commands, which

lack this time. No one is anymore writing this emulation, maybe everyone capable have already enough

new processor and machine. That is a pity. (to us, of course... )


If I remember right, someone says, that even Finder use now those SSSE3 orders. In this situation

machine cannot even get Finder without full working emulation. Maybe this is the reason, why boot





But if You find some suitable place for kernel, I like to try myself. I am afraid, that I am a little bit



T -.-

If I remember right, SSSE3 is only for 64-bit (x86_64). This kernel is 32-bit (i386). At least, that's the way it was in previous releases (SL, Leo, Tiger)...




Do you know how to patch kernels? If so, can you direct me to where I can get a kernel patcher/kernel source code? I'd love to see if I could help in some way. :)


The main reason I haven't made this more public is because it doesn't work right...but maybe if we can get a few devs together we can get this sorted out (however, not even the great meklort knew what was up with my error). Some Atom kernels result in the same way as the one above.

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I have successfully got Lion running on my Pentium D 940!!!! (no ssse3 support). EDIT: 64-bit apps are now WORKING!!! New kernel link:





You must boot with -nossse3bit. And when I first used this, it got stuck on [pci configuration begin], this was fixed by installing the IOPCI package from the iAtkos L2 distro. Download the package here:





After doing all this, I have a perfect Lion Pentium D Hackintosh!

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