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Don't Think my SATA 3 is working properlly..


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So I got my SSD in this morning, it's an agility 3 SATA 3 240gb, It gets recongized in the system no probelm I even got trim to work by using the trim enabler and it's showing 6gbit link in system profiler.. I'm getting roughly about 11 seconds to boot up which is better than my hard disk but how is that compared to SATA 2?


The reason I'm asking if because I ran a few benchmarks and I will let the screenshot speak for it self



One is reporting SATA 2 results the other SATA 3... which one is it? How I find out if it's using sata 3 for sure since I know sata 3 is backwards compatable so it might be using 2?




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