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HELP! Bluetooth almost working


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I've had a hackintosh now for about a year and it's ran flawlessly on every update since 10.6, I'm now running 10.7.2. I have everything working perfect even graphics with all three monitors. I bought an Apple wireless keyboard a few weeks back just to top it all off, I'll probably get a Magic Mouse too!


So... I purchased a generic CSR dongle from Novatech for about a fiver and plugged it in, I booted up into W7 and it installed a few drivers and then worked fine, I could send/recieve files and connect the keyboard. I tried to boot into Lion and the system hung. I removed the dongle and it booted fine.


If I plug the dongle in after it boots I can see it in System Information, I looked at the guide on Pray's blog (or however it's spelled) and added my vendor and product ID to the CSR kext. I rebooted with -f -v and got this:


USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 575844314139303231393439 0x1058 0x71a 0x2011

Bluetooth: Adaptive Frequency Hopping is not supported.


...Blah blah blah...


Still waiting for root device



Please help me out!

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