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  1. I'm sure this has been posted about a million times but I can't find anything related to ML, no matter what boot flags I try I'm hanging at this, no KP's. I've looked it up and it seems to be a graphics related issue, can someone help me out? I'm using a Sapphire 6670 1GB GDDR5 and the latest Chimera for 10.8.
  2. lewismonteith

    Fully recognising 6670?

    Hopefully someone answers me this time haha... Anyway, I've been running Lion for a while and only just realised that DVD player and FaceTime don't work. In System Information the card is only recognised as 6xxx. The card is a Sapphire 6670 1GB GDRR5 and I'm running 10.7.2 Any ideas on how I can get it properly recognised?
  3. lewismonteith

    HELP! Bluetooth almost working

    I've had a hackintosh now for about a year and it's ran flawlessly on every update since 10.6, I'm now running 10.7.2. I have everything working perfect even graphics with all three monitors. I bought an Apple wireless keyboard a few weeks back just to top it all off, I'll probably get a Magic Mouse too! So... I purchased a generic CSR dongle from Novatech for about a fiver and plugged it in, I booted up into W7 and it installed a few drivers and then worked fine, I could send/recieve files and connect the keyboard. I tried to boot into Lion and the system hung. I removed the dongle and it booted fine. If I plug the dongle in after it boots I can see it in System Information, I looked at the guide on Pray's blog (or however it's spelled) and added my vendor and product ID to the CSR kext. I rebooted with -f -v and got this: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 575844314139303231393439 0x1058 0x71a 0x2011 Bluetooth: Adaptive Frequency Hopping is not supported. ...Blah blah blah... Still waiting for root device Please help me out!
  4. Just add GraphicsEnabler=No as a boot flag. I have the same problem with the 6670, full res and all three monitors work even with it set to no.
  5. lewismonteith

    Bluetooth keyboard issues

    I recently bought this Novatech bluetooth adaptor: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/network.../bt-usb-m2.html I connect it and boot up, Lion boots fine but I can't do anything. I can move the mouse but I can't click on anything. If I boot into Snow Leopard the bluetooth adaptor is recognised but I can't connect my aluminium Apple keyboard to it, nor can I send files to or from my computer. It works wonderfully in Windows 7 and the box stated it would work with 10.5 or higher. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. lewismonteith

    Weird booting

    I have had Snow Leopard installed for a few months now. I have OS X on one drive, Windows 7 Ultimate on another, and all my music and films on a third. The problem I have is that if i turn my PC on and try and boot into Snow Leopard the whole system is sluggish and unusable. If I boot into Windows first, restart and then boot into OS X then all is fine. Is there any solution for this because it's quite annoying having to do that every time I turn my PC on! AMD Athlon Dual Core 64 4600+ nVidia GeForce GT220 PNY 1GB 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair Ram OSX installed on 250GB Maxtor SATA drive
  7. Hi, i've been running snow leopard fine but whenever i download large torrents, try and add my entire library to itunes or run time machine i get a kernel panic (i dont know if these things are related). it happened on 10.6.2, 10.6.5 and 10.6.6. Hazard 10.6.2 updated with legacy kernel AMD athlon dual core 64 4600+ 4gb corsair ram nvidia gt 220 everything works fine apart from this; cs5, final cut and everything else works fine, any ideas? (sorry for poor quality photo) Uploaded with ImageShack.us