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DSDT Editor and Patcher


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Are there any instructions on "DSDT Editor and Patcher". I can see it has GUI for editing stuff, but how to use it? I've downloaded the Linux+Windows version and all i can see is:



Volume in drive C has no label.

Volume Serial Number is XXXXX-XXX


Directory of C:\DSDTEditor-Linux-Mac-Win


12/09/2011 15:14 PM <DIR> .

12/09/2011 15:14 PM <DIR> ..

09/29/2011 14:55 PM 488,524 DSDTParser.jar

08/01/2010 18:52 PM 647,828 iasl

06/30/2010 16:34 PM 557,500 iasl-linux

05/28/2010 10:15 AM 503,808 iasl.exe

12/09/2011 14:35 PM <DIR> lib

12/09/2011 14:35 PM <DIR> Patches

09/13/2010 21:33 PM 50 Patches.txt

09/29/2011 15:05 PM 2,160 Syntax.rtf

6 File(s) 2,199,870 bytes

4 Dir(s) 111,044,665,344 bytes free


So, how to use it?


I can see Syntax.rtf, but it doesn't help to start the GUI ...


Take care

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try to see this




good hack


Thanks, I'm trying to learn how to do DSDT, and i'm overwhelmed by the wealth of the information spread on various forums. It seems to me that is going to take a while until i catch up with the knowledge. Do you happen to know some good starting howto/tutorial?


Thank you in advance

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