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which intel 965 mobo work with OS X 10.4.7?


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Jeez man give it more than a few hours...


The only 965 board thats been tested is the GA-965p-D**. I've got a DS3, and so does atleast 2 others. Hard drives speeds are horribly slow, and no IDE interface support. Because of the lack of IDE support, install has to be done thru USB-dvd or sata dvd. If the Gigabyte boards work out, there is a DS3 with the Intel video card built on for the same price as the one without, it's tempting to try and swap mine out, but I have no need for it.


If your shopping for a new board, specifically to get a hackintosh going, don't go 965, or wait and see what happens with the drive speed problem.


And before you ask, NO 965 boards have IDE support. They all use a seperate chip not part of the Intel spec, so unless there is some other driver for it, you won't be using the IDE portion of the board.


Take a look in the Core2duo thread (the REALLY long one) there's loads of discussion on the 965 boards.

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