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Dock, expose and or mouse acting weird


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two days ago i left my computer on (sleep mode not enabled cause it wont recover :( ).

when i returned i saw the screensaver and got it back to work normally but quickly realized two things.

expose did not work. dock did not show up (i have it hidden). and i could not mark and then drag and drop items in the finder....

even more weird and the desktop drag and drop seemed to work. furthermore when i drag something over a folder, the folder usally pops up and shows it contents.

this does not work anymore.


i started in safe mode and ran disk utility to repair permissions.

i rebooted.


all of a sudden yesterday i was able to mark and then drag and drop items again. although the not poping up folder issue persists.

and occasionally expose work here and then.

i have the middle mouse button (wheel) configured in expose as show desktop which works fine. just the active corners dont work.

i just the middle mouse button to show the dock. when i press it and move the mouse over the bottom edge of the screen the dock appears.


some ideas not having to reinstall my system would be great.


btw ideneb 10.5.7



thanks in advance




nobody any clue?

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