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The Ship?

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Anybody remember The Ship? Quirky Source-engine based murder-mystery/hunt set on a 1920's cruise liner?


I work for a studio (Blazing Griffin) that's just bought The Ship from its original developer -- one of the things we'd like to do, because some of us (read: me) are Mac people, is put out an OS X port of the game. If so, would people prefer to play the game via Steam or via the Mac App Store?


If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, drop me a reply (either here or on the Blazing Griffin forums) and let us know. I'm trying to convince the rest of my team that it'd be worth our time, and I need your help!

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There is no technical reason why it can't go onto other platforms, which is (regrettably) all I'm allowed to say on that score.

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The Mac App Store is a rip off... I do not know all the Steam agreement junk, but I personally avoid the Mac App Store at all costs. If the 30% cut works good for you guys... that fine... I do not know what Steam charges, but I do have several Steam titles. I've also never heard of that game before, but it looks like it might be interesting.

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