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  1. Why not use Lion? There is a disk image inside the Lion purchase from the Mac App Store that can be mounted and a VM can use as its drive. I never tried it in VirtualBox because its a seriously lacking VM, but Parallels and VMWare both handle disk images like this fine.... I even made a bootable Lion USB stick from this image... you can technically make a DVD from it too. If your main OS is Windows, you might have to convert the image to an ISO first.
  2. TheDoh123

    The Ship?

    The Mac App Store is a rip off... I do not know all the Steam agreement junk, but I personally avoid the Mac App Store at all costs. If the 30% cut works good for you guys... that fine... I do not know what Steam charges, but I do have several Steam titles. I've also never heard of that game before, but it looks like it might be interesting.
  3. TheDoh123

    Rosetta Extraction

    Snow Leopard doesn't run ON PPC machines.. that doesn't mean it cannot run PPC apps. Rosetta is not installed by default with 10.6, but its on the OS disc and if you try to run a PPC program that needs rosetta it will prompt you to install it.
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    Unofficial Guild Wars port v.1.2.2 & 1.3.14

    Lineage 2 supposedly is usable in Wine... so it should be possible to make a wrapper for it.... if no one has done it yet, you could try it out yourself.
  5. TheDoh123

    Fallout 3 Ported!

    Wine and Cider are not emulators, go learn more how they work. the word "port" doesn't mean native either, so yes, its ported, wether the actual game is native to the OS or not.
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    The Porting Team

    the porting team is trying to build a nice little mac gaming community, not just an access point for anyone to come get a game working... so we are trying to make it so people will actually become part of the community and discuss stuff. Just introducing yourself in a post, responding to a few other open ones on discussion topics.... it only takes a few minutes to get 5 posts... We are trying to think of ways to make it so people can see what wrappers are available without 5 posts, so they know if getting 5 posts is worth it.
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    the porting team

    EDIT: Can disregard this message, the sticky up top got fixed :-) thanks! OLD POST: The sticky up top about the game porting team is wrong, it is back... but the owner of that thread isn't around to change it..... http://portingteam.com is the website... its all about using Cider/Wine/Crossover to make unofficial ports of Windows software (mostly games) to OSX. Hundreds of wrappers available for download to get games working, so you don't have to do all the porting work yourself. anyone know how to get a mod to edit or switch the stickies?
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    The Porting Team

    then cant we get a mod to help? report the post maybe with details that it needs to be changed and the original poster isn't around to edit it?
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    The Cider Wrapper Library

    check in the forums at the Game Porting Team to find hundreds of wrapper links. http://portingteam.com
  11. TheDoh123

    The Porting Team

    we need to get the main post here updated so it says the site is back up...
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    cool To play full screen with X11.app, you have to go into X11.app preferences and set up fullscreen usage there.... but then Xrandr still doesnt work, so the game wont be able to change the resolution, and it'll be a little box stuck in the corner.... so if you want full screen at 640x480 (or whatever) you have to change your resolution to 640x480, set X11 to full screen, then launch it, and it should be right. I really wish Crossover would release some of the X11 stuff to the Xquartz team so they can make Xquartz better
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    thanks... Winamp doesn't work extremely well in Wine.. it has issues, plus even more with Apples X11, so its not surprising. I've found Xquartz open source on Leopard runs Wine stuff MUCH faster than Apples X11 on Snow Leopard. Hopefully when Xquartz 2.4.1 is available, this will be different.... But more on Wineskin, was it clear how to use it? Any thoughts or recommendations?
  14. TheDoh123

    The Porting Team

    Wineskin Beta................................... for anyone not looking, I posted a post up with my Wineskin 1.1.29beta1, if any of you nice guys wanna help out in testing it some. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=188350
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    EDIT: updating for new beta version I need some help testing out Wineskin 1.1.30beta2... a lot of changes in this version including a built in XQuartz X11 server... This is merely a tool used to make a quick Wine port of a windows program over to Macs... games or other programs... kind of like making Crossover and Cider wrappers. Here is a link to the posting about it on The Game Porting Team website http://forum.portingteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=1044 I'm posting this in the gaming section since this is where we usually talk about wrappers for games...