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Installing Windows first?

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I will be installing Windows OS first. As i have seen lots of guides on how to partition on a Mac ready for Windows but not the other way around. At the moment i only have one SSD 120 GB. So if i install Windows first how do i partition the drive in Windows ready for Mac OS to be loaded on?


i think guid partition table has something to do with it but i can't/ don't know what it is or where it is on windows.




PS please help as i have all my PC parts ready! and i am dying to set it up

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I use two drives but it should be similar. I switched my bios to Sata mode: AHCI. Since I already had windows 7 installed I unplugged tha hard drive. Installed iatkos l2 got everything working perfectly. Then plugged in hard drive with windows and it picked it up in Chimera.


Hope that helps.

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