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New install with AMD or INTEL?


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Hi all,


I've got this for now and running just fine ;-)))


AMD64 3700+ s939


MSI Neo4 Plat-54G s939

2x Samsung 160GB RAID1

Club3D 7800GT nVidia 256MB

Creative Extigy USB soundcard

2x Samsung Syncmaster 913v 19"


Now that I red this and tested myself out on a IBM Thinkcentre at work I would like to install it on my personal pc at home


I want a dualboot on WinXP sp2 + MacOSX 10.4.7 :poster_oops:


These are the parts that I had in mind;


CPU |Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or E6600 ---> 2MB or 4MB cache? :huh:

RAM |2GB in I don't know which brand yet :censored2:

MOBO |ASUS P5W DH Deluxe or Intel Extreme Series D975XBX Rev. 3.04 ---> BadAxe is more $$$

GRAPH|I'm hesitating between 7900GT and X1800XT or X1900GT ---> what do you think?


(SCREEN|Maybe the newest Dell 2407WFP revision R03 but in spring time)


So when I'll boot in WinXP I would like that everything is known in the device list and when I boot MacOSX it will be the same


Can this be done and what do you think of this future configuration???


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I don't know if your still looking. I just put together a really nice system. I only had osx86 as a second consideration so the parts I picked are based soley on the best quality to value ratio I could find.


First off I found a badaxe motherboard for 160 bucks so that was an easy decision. I suggest this board not only because it is the latest and greatest for today. But it has the apropriate hardware to make it upgradable for at least the next year. With 3pci-e slots you will be able to rotate your old gfx card over one slot until you fill this bad boy up. Hopefully by the time your main card moves to slot 3 ati will have their physics drivers working. (more about that later)


Next I went with the e6600 processor. If your going cheap go with the cheapest. If you are looking at performance per dollar today probably the next step up. But if you want a chip that will last through the year and still be strong I think the e6600 is the way to go. It comes with more cache and will overclock higher than the other chips. From what i have read the core 2 duo's overclock less and less as you go up the line. So going middle of the road seems to make sense.


Ram. This was a tough one. There are so many reviews out there of wich ram is best. I found a little gem on newegg the other day and it is the perfect answer to price meets performance. It's the patriot ddr2 pc2 5300 ram at 179 dollars. This ram has a cas latancy of 4 at 1.8 volts. I have read that it will easily hold that cas at 800mhz and go into the 920 mhz range with just some voltage adjustments. After reading other ram reviews that is as fast as anything out there less the 500 dollar per stick 1000+mhz rams.


gfx card. Well I do alot of gaming so this had to be top of the line. For anyone else I would suggest the new x1900xt 256mb version as it is a great price to performance value. I would go ati with the motherboard selected as it has much more upgrade potential. Right now there are no good nvidia boards. The technology they are using will be updated next month so if you really must have nvidia wait a month or so. The 570 and 590 chipsets are due for a revision soon.


hd. hard to beat the sata 3g/sec 320 gig seagates. Seagate has a 5 year warranty and I've used it once on year five. I had my hard drive in 2 days. So I'm a seagate fan for life.


psu. I think this is going to be very important for this system as some day I'm hoping to have 3 power hungry gfx cards and possibly a quad or more core processor. so I went with a modular 700 watt psu. There are many brands out there but I went with the thermaltake model.



Any other components you might go with should be based on the compatability charts on this site.


I'll have all my parts on friday. I'll let you know if this system is %100 compatible.


Good luck.

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Allright, way to go ;-)


I'm wondering how the system will run.


Thanks to you for this major explanation


the only thing that bothers me is the sound device. I don't know very well. I'm hesitating between the Creative 24bits USB or the PreSonus FireBox (around 250$). Just for the basic music/gamer I think the creative's one would fit perfectly

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