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How do I partition NTFS drive in Win 7 to HFS+ format for OS X 10.6 install


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I'm following instructions on how to install 10.6 on my HP dm1z. I've got a bootloader on one stick drive and 10.6 on another. I can load up the installation interface but in Disk Utility I don't see my NTFS drive with Win 7 on it (primary and only) and thus cannot partition a portion of it for OS X installation (no surprise to this group I'm sure). I'm new at this (no {censored}?) and am hoping someone can tolerate my newbie question and let me know how to carve off some of my HDD and partition it to HFS+.

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Yep, that was helpful. In Win 7 I shrunk the main (only) partition and allocated 75GB for OS X. I then formatted it in exFAT (only FAT option in Win 7). When I tried the OS X install again it recognized the HDD and the two partitioned but would not let me format just the exFAT partition. It appears I have to repartition the entire HDD first, which means re-installing Win 7. Is there a way for me to keep the installation of Win 7 I have on there and simply format the allocated space and install OS X?




The esasiets way for you id to:


1- Boot into Windows


2- Create a FAT32 partition which OS X Dsik Utility can see.


hope this helps



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Hi again,


It does sometimes happen with MBR Partition.


A better way is to create a FAT partition using DISKPART in Windows.


1- launch the COMMAND promtp in Windows (run as Administrator)


2- Run 'Diskpart'


3- Select disk 0 (Assume you only have one disk)


3- Do a ' List Partitions'


4- then 'Select Partiton x' (x being the FAT partition you previously created)


5- the 'delete partition x' (as above)


6- Now create a FAT partition .




This worked for me in the past.


Good luck

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