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  1. DM1Z - candidate?

    What processor is in that machine? I've gotten the bootloader to successfully launch the install of 10.6 golden but I need to move all my data off the HDD so I can repartition using OS X since I can't seem to find a way to format a partition in Win7 that will allow the Mac installer to use it. It's wipe clean and repartition only.
  2. Yep, that was helpful. In Win 7 I shrunk the main (only) partition and allocated 75GB for OS X. I then formatted it in exFAT (only FAT option in Win 7). When I tried the OS X install again it recognized the HDD and the two partitioned but would not let me format just the exFAT partition. It appears I have to repartition the entire HDD first, which means re-installing Win 7. Is there a way for me to keep the installation of Win 7 I have on there and simply format the allocated space and install OS X?
  3. I'm following instructions on how to install 10.6 on my HP dm1z. I've got a bootloader on one stick drive and 10.6 on another. I can load up the installation interface but in Disk Utility I don't see my NTFS drive with Win 7 on it (primary and only) and thus cannot partition a portion of it for OS X installation (no surprise to this group I'm sure). I'm new at this (no {censored}?) and am hoping someone can tolerate my newbie question and let me know how to carve off some of my HDD and partition it to HFS+.
  4. DM1Z - candidate?

    Has anyone found progress on this? I've traded some messages through YouTube with emud{censored} on his 10.6.0 and 10.6.8 upgrades. He said everything is working except video acceleration. It goes without saying that I'd like to load Lion if possible. Anyone found an active forum making or tracking progress on getting the video acceleration working and/or Lion support?