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  1. RN95

    It's time to say Goodbye!

    THANK YOU YOU for your efforts and hard work. Best of Luck for the future.
  2. RN95

    Clover General discussion

    Hi, When you get into BIOS setting on power-up, how much ,memory does your Bios detect ? Rgds
  3. RN95

    Clover General discussion

    @ Slice, @Fusion71au, Thank you for your interest in my issue. However I think I found a workaround: Please note that this is valid for an MBR Based system with Legacy (Non UEFI Bios). Lessons learnt: 1- The culprit RC script is "80.save_nvram_plist.local" which insists on saving the NVRAM.plist file at each shutdown (not boot up). Note that there is a function which checks :"# Check if user requested to not save nvram" but this option does not seem to exist in t Configurator. @Slice : can one request not to save NVRAM in config.plist? 2- When I said in a previous post that I "renamed" the above script, I only put an "under-score" before the file name. That did not prevent the script from running. 3- NVRAM.PLIST MLB value seems to override the one in Config.plist. The Workaround consisted of: a - deleting the "80.save_nvram_plist.local" from /etc/rc.shutdown.d/ completely b - Delete nvram.plist file from root directory c - Reboot d - Presto: the config.plist MLB values are injected. e - iMessage, FaceTime are now working. I copied "80.save_nvram_plist.local" back and, although it creates a new nvram.plist file on shutdown, it does not affect my MLB anymore. Hope this is helpful. Rgds
  4. RN95

    Clover General discussion

    @Fusion71au, Thanks again for your response. I have tried to hide all EFI folders on the mac partition. I have even rename the 80.save_nvram_plist.local script file so as not to overwrite it at shutdown. This was quite tricky as I had to boot into Mavericks, edit the file (removing the MLB/ROM sections) then rebooted into Yosemite. It still recreated the NVRAM with the unwanted MLB string. It is as if there was an invisible EFI partition/Folder. It must be cashed somewhere. The reason I suspected the MBR install is that I read that on UEFI systems (I have a haswell based PC which works perfectly with iMessage) clover does not bother with overwriting the NVRAM. In fact I have checked it and the nvram.plist file does not contain MLB and ROM values. All in all it seems to ignore the config.plist values and gives priority to the NVRAM values. Is it possible to manually inject the ROM/MLB values before shutting down? Cheers
  5. RN95

    Clover General discussion

    Hi Fusion, Thank you for your input on the above issue and the relentless and dedicated support you have been providing us. I have tried the above suggestions already but in vain. Even though the MLB is correct in both SMBios and Rtvariables sections, the NVRAM.plist gets updated on "Shutdown" with an MLB value different from the one in the config.plist. What bugs me is where is the shutdown script getting this value from? is it cashed? I was hoping that Slice could answer that. Thanks anyway Best regards P.S. Could it be related to the fact that I am using an MBR disk with no EFI partition. Clover is booting from an EFI folder in the root of the boot disk.
  6. RN95

    Clover General discussion

    Hi Guys, I have an issue with Clover overwriting NVRAM.PLIST with an MLB value that does not correspond to the the value I setup in Config.plist. I would not mind if the nvram value is the same as the config.plist one (17 Chars) but the clover injected value is strange (18 Chars) and I do not know where clover gets it from (it is always the same). I have tried deleted nvram.lis and resting it but in vain. Please note that I am triple booting Win8.1/Yosemite/Maverick on a single disk MBR system (Dell XPS M1530). It does work except from the MLB issue described above. (too much work to convert to GPT) <—note to fusion71au aka Tintin . Having checked the boot.log file, I arrived at the rc.shutdown.log which shows that the nvram.plist is actually updated at shutdown: >> Begin Script: /private/etc/rc.shutdown.d/80.save_nvram_plist.local NVRAM saved to '/nvram.plist' [disk0s2] >> End Script: /private/etc/rc.shutdown.d/80.save_nvram_plist.local I have 2 questions: 1- Is there an option to stop Clover updating the NVRAM file at shutdown ? 2- Where is the injected MLB value gotten from ? Is is cached somewhere? Thanks in advance boot.log.zip
  7. RN95

    Clover General discussion

    @ Slice & Devs, I was nicely surprised this morning when turning on my hack only to be greeted with Xmas wishes from you and the Devs on the Clover boot menu screen. I am sending you my best wishes in return and many thanks for all the good work and commitment you lot have demonstrated over the years. You are very much appreciated. Kind regards, :)
  8. RN95

    Clover v3050 config.plist

    Hi, Try this Thread. There are quite a few pre-configured Clover Configs: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/295549-clover-config/ Hope it helped.
  9. RN95

    Intel 4600 Yosemite Coloured Fuzzy Overlay

    Yes it does. You probably have realised by now.
  10. Hi Todesto, I went through exactly the same issues when I changed Motherboards and started using a UEFI Bios - it is the future and there is no escaping that. I installed Yosemite on a brand new HDD with GPT format. Note that when you do that disconnect any other drives. I then got Yosemite working with Clover. Finally I thought I was sailing through it but when I connected My Windows (with ML and Mavericks on it), problems started emerging. I spent so much tome trying to find a work around that I bit the bullet and decided to reformat the Windows Drive to GPT and re-install Windows in UEFI mode (Win 7). Again, to do this: 1- Disconnect all drives 2- Set BIOS to UEFI only 3- Install Windows in UEFI Mode 4- Note Here: You must have a Windows installation USB GPT formatted. That way Windows will install in UEFI Mode and format the HDD to GPT and Create the Windows EFI partition on the Windows drive. This is the general approach but please search for the Guides which are widely available. You will find that it is worth the time investment when you consider the time you will be wasting trying to find a work around. Regards
  11. HI, probably the same here. I'm using the GA-Z97M (the uATX version of your board) and have all the USB ports working except the bottom one on the front panel of a Bitfenix Prodigee M case. I didn't make much of it. I am using NO DSDT or SSDT and the on-board HD4600 graphics (Full QE/CI). All this wit Clover. I should start removing your DSDT and SSDT. Rgds
  12. RN95

    Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. The answer is that I was using HDMi output to HDMi input on Monitor. Hope that helps. I must say that it has not been behaving perfectly. I get some line at top of the screen sometimes. Other times, it hangs on boot just prior to loading the Graphics. Good luck. P.S. Have tried to increase your IGPX ram to 128MB in the BIOS ?
  13. RN95

    Intel HD 4600 QE/CI Yosemite

    Hi, I have been using ig-platformid= 0x0a260006 on a GA-Z97M for a while still have QE/CI on 10.10.1. (Proc. i4790k). Try it. Rgds
  14. RN95

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Hi, I had similar symptoms and fixed it by removing the Kernel Flag : <key>Kernel</key> <string>/System/Library/Kernels/kernel</string> Using 2391. Good luck
  15. Chris1111, excellent work and good effort. I'm sure you are appreciated by a great many members. Cheers