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after boot errors


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When I randomy launch aps and other stuff I either lockup freeze or get the panic.


I finally got to boot after using -f even after booting with no switches I could always boot. Using -v I was able to find erros in 3 files something about links. There werre the geforce kext and the nvd10 and nvd resman kext ones. Shoudl I delete anything else? The text goes by so fast I can't see all failures. Now that I am in how can I get a log file? Also how do I setup my networking? I can see my nic stuff in sys profiler but the net cp lists only firewire and seruial. Eitherne is locked out. Where is the drive for this? My nic is Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 gigabit pci eithernet controller.

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How do your force quit ctudd on a pc keyboard?


Here is most of the usable info in a dump I got when I was in system profiler. This also happens at other times. I will record those if there different:


panic(cpu0 caller 0xC0180e8e): unexpected Kernel trap, registers

eax 0x1c1474740 -1052293312

ecx more numbers there are several below









Debugger calles=d: <panic> Frame 0xc7033e10:PC more numbers ppanic+

eithernet mac address all zerios most liekly because my card is not supported but why does it show in sys profiler?

Also below in the bottoimiom part is this and other things liek it com,.apple.driver.AppleUSBHUB+ more numbers

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