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AppleVIAATA only works in Safe Boot


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I have one SATA drive and one PATA drive. The SATA is Windows, the PATA, Mac.


Without any work on my half, my SATA drive was visible in osx in safe boot. When I finally had things working enough, I switched to regular boot. Things seemed perfectly fine. After awhile, everything froze. I restarted, and after the desktop loaded, I got an error saying AppleVIAATA could not be loaded. I reset it's permissions and restarted. Now, I can't boot normally at all. It hangs when it hits AppleVIAATADriver. Nothing seems to change this. Any ideas?


A8N-E, Athlon 64 3500+


Things I've tried:


chown -R root:wheel

chmod -R 755


verdict: No change.


Repairing permissions - Nadda.


Safe boot - I can see the SATA drive. No error, no hanging. This, I don't understand.


Deleting the kext - I can boot into safe or normal, but (obviously) cannot see the SATA


Loading the kext manually in safe - Can't. I can unload it, but when I try loading it, it says it's already unloaded.


Loading the kext manually in normal - system freezes.


Googling/IRC/forum scouring my ass off. No results.




Hope someone has some idea what's going on. Thanks in advance.

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It is a random quirk usally produced by random writing corruption due to the use of VIAATA on nForce 4. You have been warned.


You also have to delete /System/Library/Extensions.mkext if you're messing with kextensions.

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Warning not needed. In the end I had to delete the kext altogether because using spotlight or just leaving the system for awhile led to hard locks. Since I got rid of it, no issues whatsoever. Hopefully there will eventually be a more stable way to support my SATA, but for now, I can live without it.

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