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  1. Nah, the Wifi will never work unless you use a external dongle. Talking about which... does the MS Ethernet Adapter (the Gigabit) one still work with El Capitan? For some reason I can't get it to work on my SP2 and I ponder if it's something I did. Does the SP1/2 dock ethernet port still work? It should be almost the same.
  2. Someone actually elaborated on the above idea: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/52455-how-to-make-your-unsupported-wireless-usb-stick-to-work/
  3. I just had to post this somewhere.. Since 10.11 there has been a new relatively unknown ig-platform-id, 0x16220007 . It's not listed in the system_profiler report for some reason. This seems to be the one used by the new Retina 21'' iMac, but I haven't confirmed it yet. With that ig-platform-id I'm now finally able to drive a 4K display from the primary DP port on my i5 5675C. Before that one I always got a corrupted screen and/or image only via HDMI/DVI.
  4. I've updated my SP2 4300U from 10.9.3 to 10.9.5 and I didn't have to do anything, it's already booting :/ By the way, anyone played with the kernel flags -gux_defer_usb2 -gux_no_idle as mentioned in http://sourceforge.net/projects/genericusbxhci/files/ ? After all, our USB problems are GenericUSBXHCI related.... and at least the SFPro1 does have a Series7 chipset (iirc the SFPro2 has a Series8 one).
  5. Note that in theory it is impossible for this to happen. The card was probably defective. Try to RMA it if you haven't already done so.
  6. Here are the codec graphs from my Surface pro2 4300U, from both the HDMI/display port sound card as well as the ALC280 (pch_codec0.txt). sf2codecs.zip
  7. Thanks bjsurf, I hope this is indeed an Apple issue (can you test with a USB Bluetooth pen)? The weird part is that the Avastar shouldn't load the Broadcom driver at all. I hope Apple's not reducing compatibility with non-Broadcom Bluetooth adapters or we may have a real problem.
  8. You don't need anything in the SSD in order to start the OS X setup. If you can only start the setup from the pendrive in safe mode, then your pendrive has something wrong, and you may need to redo it from start.
  9. Obviously not. Avastar and Atheros are not related in any way.
  10. Well, the updates are EC/firmware updates, so technically you'd only need Windows to install the updates, and then charging should work everywhere, even when off. That said, I don't have a power cover, so don't blame me if this is not the case. I suspect that you are getting the same or a similar corruption issue to what I saw on previous versions. Basically, it seems that on some boots you get this corruption that manifests on either the dock, the menu bar, or both (and for some reason, only on those places). When I both in (LoDPI ) 1366x768, I hardly experience the problem. As I increase the resolution, or increase the number of monitors, it seems that the chances of getting the corruption increase proportionally. No idea what causes it, but I'm on 4300U, and I see that you are too.
  11. jape

    MacOsX on the Surface Pro 3

    I too have "artifacts" on the menu bar and dock, even on SP2. Maybe they are 4300U caused? I will post again about them on SFPro2 thread "soon". By the way, AvastarFwLoader won't work on SP3, but the fix should be trivial (add a new personality for the new PCI IDs and mix in the new USB8897 firmware image from http://git.marvell.com/?p=mwifiex-firmware.git;a=tree;f=mrvl I will try to build a version that should work on all Surface models, but as usual, it may be some time until my next freetime slot.
  12. jape

    Surface Pro 2 Kexts *WIP*

    But pinging is already an order of magnitude improvement over what we have now. Please share, even if it doesn't work. Which "other open source drivers" did you look into?
  13. The "bluetooth transport error" is not an actual error but just a warning that is often printed right before starting the UI, so when the UI fails, people wrongly assume Bluetooth is the cause AvastarFwLoader should be strictly optional. But I suspect you're having problems with something in your USB bus (e.g. pendrive? ext Wi-Fi card?).
  14. jape

    Potential avastar support

    Thanks for this! Still, activity on it seems to have been slowed down in the last few months..... we'll see. Since the Surface Pro 3 seems to use the same Wi-Fi card and I bet the 4th one will too, we may see more interest in such a driver in the future
  15. jape

    Surface Pro 2 Kexts *WIP*

    Half of the message reads quite strange to me... I want more info. 1. Both cameras already work out of the box on my SFPro2, why is a kext required? Are you just talking about a "better" camera app? Photobooth seems to work fine, and I can switch cameras via the menu. 2. I think everyone around here knows my opinion on the difficulty of creating a Wi-Fi driver for the Surface Pro 2 hardware. So..... how did you exactly do what you're claiming regarding Wi-Fi? Can I reproduce that? If I missed something, just say it, and maybe everyone can help. 3. Trimming a Linux installation down to 4GB should not be hard at all. The default Ubuntu install (which contains an entire office suite at ~1GB) is less than that. There are Linux distributions that fit into a floppy disk. How are you doing this? 4. Why is Linux exactly needed here? There's no concept of "default partition" in GPT. And Clover can be easily changed to work without a keyboard cover -- just add support for the EFI_ABSOLUTE_POINTER_PROTOCOL . This is much easier than it sounds because Clover already implements the simple pointer protocol (one can try this at home: plug a USB mouse and move it around with Clover running). Note that I don't want to scare anyone from making a "Surface Pro 2 autoinstaller", because it's very needed.... but, let's say, just packaging all the current kexts would be a good way to start before going in with the "incredible" stuff